Geary Whitings Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider

“If you are not utilizing massage for your horses on a regular basis while training, you are doing them a great disservice, and you run the risk of your horses incurring injuries.”  THIS IS NOT HYPE, it is a well-founded statement from someone who knows. Over the past 43 years, Geary Whiting has worked with some of our countries greatest athletes, both human and equine. His proven techniques have helped take them to the winner's circle time and again. You are about to become acquainted with a very unique Equine Massage school for Horse and Rider. The Geary Whiting program is more than just a school for equine massage, it is a complete system which includes everything needed for horse and rider performance, fitness and conditioning. Discover how you too can learn the skills and art of Equine Massage. 

A Brief Background About Geary Whiting

International teacher Dr. Geary Whiting has a fitness background going back to 1963 and established his career as a personal trainer and body worker to World Class Athletes in 1981. Geary is also the owner, founder, and teacher of his unique Equine Massage School for Horse and Human established in 1998. Geary also holds a Doctorate based on original research in the field of HOLISTIC STUDIES, Authored his In-Home study program which includes original videos for horse and human as well as a motivational speaker. Geary is endorsed by top horseman, Doctors, Athletes, and Students.


Orn & Arey Get A Massage

Sandy Collier, 2011 Cowgirl Hall of Fame Inductee

"As a result of Geary Whiting’s massage techniques for both Horse & Rider, I have seen an increase in my strength and mobility as a professional athlete and a competitor in this physically demanding sport. Injuries are a way of life when working horses and cattle, however Geary is the best in the business! My body and my horses say thanks to Geary!”

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