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In this video Geary Whiting, owner and equine massage instructor, shows six methods of how to massage a horse.

To learn more about the 6 techniques, click our Shiatsu page.

In looking at Geary Whiting's Equine Massage School program, you will see that there is nothing like it anywhere else since I am the only one I know who covers both Horse and Rider. Many of my graduates are very happy to find the Team Concept as I cover the needs of the human as well. This is not your typical massage therapy certification course.


Happy Trails Padnas,

Geary Whiting




This is valuable information! In this chapter, we cover 134 health problems horses face. We address what causes them, how to address them, and how to prevent them. We also cover human nutrition from Vitamin A to Vitamin U as well as natural minerals, what they do, and what foods provide them.

These techniques are illustrated as well as covered in my video.


No foot, no horse! This chapter has diagrams, articles, and a better alternative to metal shoes. Based on the interest I receive from my students on this subject, I feel you will get a lot out of this section of the program. Please go to swedishhoofschool.com for interesting videos showing impact and how it affects the Coffin Bone.



You will become acquainted with fitness and training techniques, common problem areas of stress, and injury from training and performance. You will also find an excellent article on trailering your horses from a study done at the University of California, Davis.


Over the years I have started to put less emphasis on memorization of the anatomy and more on the treatment itself. Still, it is good to have a working knowledge of horse anatomy. So...it is time to color your own horse and have a little fun and relaxation as well as understanding the function of the muscles.


This is a very informative and interesting study into how music affects strength, attitude, and performance. You will learn about what we call “The Anapestic Beat.” This a beat contrary to that of the heart. With proper understanding, both you and your horses will greatly benefit.


I have selected some of my more informative articles which will show the benefits of what you are learning through this program. You will also find more of my articles here.


8 - HUMAN MASSAGE (Shiatsu)

In this chapter, you will learn my style and techniques for humans. You have a video, diagrams, and explanation of how and where to treat. You will learn what meridians are as well as how to get rid of a headache. Yes, a video is included in this section. You may be asking, "Why would I want to be studying human massage?" Even though you will not become certified in human massage, nonetheless, you will have a great gift to help others, your family and friends. Breaking into the Equine massage field will have its challenges, and if you can help the owners and trainers by getting rid of their nagging issues, you will have an open door to the horses.



There are many fitness programs available, if we only would do them. I know there are many ways of getting fit, but I have given you a favorite one of mine because it gets quick and effective results without injuries. However, it does not mean it is easy! You will also have a program and a video showing how to use the techniques.


That is the program, and it is worth 60 CE’s for those who need to update their required education for human massage requirements.

NCBTMB Approved Program

My school is board approved for continuing education

by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. 


a letter from Geary

World Class Athletes receive massages to help enhance and improve performance. Massage helps prevent muscle injuries and improves recovery time with its therapeutic benefits. So, why not use it on horses? Like humans, horses greatly benefit from the same massage techniques. Equine massage therapy has been around since the middle ages, but many horse trainers and riders have not realized its potential. It goes without saying, we want the best for our horses, both physically and mentally; Shiatsu massage is beneficial in both of these areas. It helps to release tight muscles; relieve fatigue, stress, and soreness; and help our athletes set world records. We can all—humans and horses—do without stress in our lives! At Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider program you will learn the art of Shiatsu massage for both horses and riders, along with nutrition, saddle fitting, horse stretching techniques, and much more.

Owner and teacher Geary Whiting has an extensive background in the health and fitness business that goes back to the early sixties as a personal trainer to humans. In 1981, he incorporated sports massages and later Shiatsu massages into his personal training and nutrition programs.

In 1995, Geary Whiting adapted his human massage techniques to horses and was delighted to discover how well the horses responded. Since then, Geary has mentored and taught thousands of students in achieving an equine massage therapy certification, helping them bring health and happiness to their horses. Geary is delighted to teach you his very effective massage techniques which he has used on World Class Athletes since 1981. You will feel empowered after seeing how the massage has helped not only the horse but you as well. This course also focuses on the rider, trainer, and owner. It will help you explore human potential – your potential!


You can feel confident that you will not be choosing just any program, but a very unique “World Class Program.”


Happy trails padnas!

Read more about massage techniques with founder and instructor, Geary Whiting!

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