Horse Massage School
Horse Massage School

A Different Kind of Student

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In this video owner and equine massage instructor, Geary Whiting, shows six methods of how to massage a horse.
Directed by: Geary Whiting
Geary Whiting

I first started massaging horses before I knew there were schools for this. I did go to one of the five-day programs offered, only to become very confused and worried. The worry came when on the first day we were told, “IF YOU DON’T PASS THE TEST YOU WILL NOT GRADUATE.” I have never been good at test taking, so I was concerned I was going to waste my hard earned money on a program I was going to fail, and go back to California broke. If it weren’t for one special fellow student, Lisa, I would not have finished the program. She helped me memorize the useless anatomy which was taking up all of my time.   She encouraged me to continue on, even though I was struggling. I will never forget her kindness and support.

A Revolutionary Program

I am grateful to that program because it showed me how not to do a program. Although I did not realize it in the beginning, eventually over time I would develop what was to become the first and only program of its kind for horse and human. I saw the need, I saw the dream, and I was qualified; so why not?


I do have a history of thinking outside of the box and doing what I want to do, even when I was a little tyke; from dreamer to moving in the direction of those dreams to making them happen. This concept is the foundational thrust of my program. Whatever you can imagine, you can make happen if you apply the laws necessary to make it so.


In looking at my program, you will see there is nothing like it out there. There is no other program I know that covers both horse and human. Many of my graduates are very happy I covered the needs of the human—physically, emotionally, spiritually. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE HORSE!!! My motto is: Recapture True Values.


My Credentials

I have a Doctorate from Shepperton University in London Based Upon Original Research In The Field of Holistic Studies—SUM CUM LAUDE. This is a degree tailored to one’s accomplishments in the real world. They are called “Life Experience Degrees.” I have a MA in Business Administration and am a TFH Instructor CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) CEMT.


I am the co-founder of The Ancient Healing Arts Association.

As I have said, all the paper in the world with every letter in the alphabet after one’s name, simple means NOTHING without ACCOMPLISHMENTS to back it up!

Board Approved Continuing Education

My school is board approved for continuing education by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. 

Massage Therapy Hall of Fame 

Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, Shiatsu, Equine Massage Therapy Induction into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame



I am also the receipient of the Pioneer of Massage Award from the World Massage Festival


Pioneer of Massage Award

Outstanding Achievement Award-Shiatsu Massage School

One of my most meaningful awards is based on my accomplishments, and it comes from the Shiatsu Massage School of California in Santa Monica, CA, from which I graduated. The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to the top 10 students in the history of the school. Over 2,000 lucky students have had the honor of being taught by Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, L.A.C OMD, Ph.D.

THE BOTTOM LINE—a certification or college degree is only a piece of paper with words on it. What one accomplishes in life puts substance and meaning to those words and makes them honorable. What a concept—being able to prove you are what you say you are.

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