Horse Massage Training DVD

Learn how to massage a horse from expert Geary Whiting in his three-part horse massage instructional DVD. The DVD covers:
1) Shiatsu massage
2) Stretching
3) Saddle fitting

You’ll learn the same techniques Geary teaches in his school as well as what he has used for the past 25 years to help “World Class Athletes,” both horse and human, set world records. Not simply setting world records, but in some cases “shattering them.

“It’s very easy to follow,” Whiting says. “I can give that video to you, go home and play it and I break it down to the neck, back, shoulders, intercostals and abdominal area and back into the horse.” Whiting’s video facilitates quick, efficient and internalized learning in a fun and productive way. It’s all information you can build off of, right from your home. Contact us today for more information!


“Geary is a wonderful, knowledgeable man who can take you far in this field if you listen and learn. You’ll love it.”

Lisa Taylor, CESMT


How to Massage A Horse

Only $79.95

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How To Massage A Horse
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