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What Students Say about Geary Whiting's Massage Therapy School

The hundreds of testimonials from Geary Whiting’s satisfied human clients, top-tier horsemen/women, and industry professionals lauding his work, give credence to his decades-long expertise in the field of massage/equine massage. Whiting has spent countless hours teaching students and professionals alike how to massage a horse. The evidence, meanwhile, lies in the dynamic performance of the hundreds of horses Whiting has laid hands on.

For Geary Whiting, a good massage comes from the head. A great massage, however, comes straight from the heart. During his apprenticeship under Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, Whiting learned the intricacies of shiatsu and later applied those techniques to the field of equine massage therapy. Throughout his longstanding career, Whiting has managed to gain the endorsement of NRCHA World Champion Sandy Collier, world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Robert Guldie, who holds the world’s safety record of 0% death rate, and many others.


Introduction to Sara Anderson’s letter:

If you are interested in learning the art of Shiatsu massage for horses and the program my school offers, please take the time to read both this introduction and testimonial from my student, Sara Anderson.

Sara came to my school – TWICE. However, her first visit only lasted until the end of the first day. Why? Because I sent her home.

After our courses for the day, Sara started crying. She explained to me that the beautiful setting of my school, the curriculum and topics made her realize that she needed to make some big changes in her life. The first being that she had taken too much in her life for granted and forgot what was meaningful to her.

When she returned the second time she was ready to absorb more of my program which she did and has gone on to great success. What happened to her the first time? My school goes beyond how to massage a horse. It embraces the key qualities of Shiatsu and many facets of Eastern Medicine. We not only focus on the horse and technique, but also on the practitioner.

The reason for this is if the practitioner is not focused and clear, then they cannot help the horse to the fullest potential and get the best results possible.


Dear Geary,

This was the most amazing experience of my life! I am a horse trainer in California and have been working with horses most of my life. This program was the best thing I have ever done for myself and for all of the lovely horses I get to spend my time with. My passion for horses has grown but in a different way than I ever expected. I left the school with of course solid massaging skills, but I left with a bigger heart and healthier mind.

Anyone who has worked with horses can tell you how phenomenally sensitive these animals are. If you are stressed, negative and in a hurry, you will leave the horse feeling the same way. If you are a happy, healthy, positive person, the horse will feel more at ease and will have an easier time putting their trust in you. Geary has designed his school with this concept in mind. Learning how to perform Shiatsu was the easy part; the challenge was to get my heart and mind in the right place to make the treatments more effective.

Geary is by far one of the most exceptional people I have ever met in my life and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he teaches. He gives you all of the necessary tools to give an effective massage; but most importantly, the program in whole gives you more than just knowledge about massaging horses. It gives you the opportunity to grow as a human being and to learn the incredible potential we all have as people. This program allows you to develop qualities in yourself that will better your relationships with horses and everyone around you.

After being home for only a month, I have had my hands on over 20 different horses, and each time I am massaging it is the most amazing experience. Every time it is different.

  • One horse had cast herself in her stall and came out with her right leg the diameter of her knee from hoof to knee. Her right eye was swollen shut. Instead of calling the vet, I gave her a massage and when I was done, the swelling in her leg went down 90% and her eye was wide opened. She was able to compete just 5 days later and moved more soundly than she ever had!
  • Another horse, Nicky, is 22 years old and has been shown all over the country. He is a super star! He has “typical” arthritis in his hind legs that gets stocked up overnight or when not moving. I gave him two massages and he has not come out of his stall with ANY swelling since then!!
  • Monty, a 15 year old horse, used to grind his teeth anytime he was ridden. After three massages, no more grinding!!
  • My dog Gunther is getting older. He has been having issues with his hips. The night I got home from Geary’s school, he was so excited to see me that he was running around the house, and slipped and fell on the hardwood floor. He got up and was three-legged. I gave him a massage (before I even unpacked my suitcase out of the car) and when I was done, he ran around on four legs like a puppy. I haven’t seen him so active since he was a puppy!!

Since I have been home, my relationships with my family, friends and horses have improved in countless ways. I have opportunities knocking on my door daily. Most importantl of all, the horses love me and can’t get enough of me!!

The biggest change this school made in me was that, in just five days, I changed my entire outlook on equine care and nutrition. I realized that what I was doing with my training is not at all what I now know is right. I have obviously always LOVED horses. I never had any ill intentions; however, with knowledge comes responsibility. I knew on day two that I was going to be changing EVERYTHING I was doing with them. I no longer want to train or show horses within the western pleasure discipline. I no longer want to put shoes on my horses. I no longer want to settle with a 12 × 12 foot stall.

All 60 horses at the ranch now eat from slow feeder nets. I no longer give any antacids or pain medications to the horses. Thousands of dollars have been saved by not listening to the propaganda of the big corporations telling me what my horses need! Now I spend my time treating the horses' injuries that I had taken part in creating. Never will I ever harm a horse again; only healing hands here!!

Thank you Geary for all that you do!! Thank you for taking me down the path from Western Pleasure World Champion to happy HORSE HIPPY!!

The transformation was incredible! Thank you for being a great friend!

Sara Anderson



Again I want to thank you for the time of my life. It was a great experience and I learned so much about not just equine massage but myself as well.

When I came to your school, I was at the point in my marriage of not knowing whether to walk away or to just keep trudging along. While there, I realized just how important my husband and son are to me. I have grown to appreciate them at an even higher degree. They are both very supportive in my equine aspirations. While there, you renewed my old dreams of having an independently functioning equine business. I hope to one day be able to quit nursing and to train and work with horses exclusively. I like the four-legged kind of patients! Ha Ha!

You really have a paradise there! Getting away to the mountains brought me a spiritual healing I really needed. I have that inner peace back and am refreshed to take on the world! Even if I had not been able to catch on with the massage techniques, the spiritual healing itself made the trip worthwhile.

Geary, you are an excellent teacher! You brought it down to a level that even this little country girl could understand and apply. I enjoyed the deep discussions we had and the way you made us think about things without even realizing it.

You truly are very special people. May God bless you!



Hi Geary,

Thought you’d like the words of praise for you and your program! Great job, keep it up!!

Sandy Collier

PS – thought you’d like to know that I won the Idaho Futurity on the stallion you massaged in Reno and was res champ on the buckskin!! Great way to end the year!

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is a testimonial in support of Geary Whiting’s School of Equine Massage.

Sheri and I attended the October session in 2006 and have begun to experience life-changing results. First, we became able to administer Geary’s equine Shiatsu massage technique. Immediately after class, we arranged several horses to treat and – along with our in-class practice – have become confident in our abilities. Of course experience will fill in those blank spaces, such as finding out the number of horses we can treat in a day, the best mix of horse vs. rider massage, booking our treatments, etc.

Next, we have embarked upon personal fitness programs that we truly believe we can continue for our lifetimes. Geary has a wealth of first-hand knowledge gained from working with world-class athletes from all walks of life, that he freely shared with us. And the simplicity of his fitness prescription was so easy to grasp. It is easy to visualize how much better we will feel, and how much easier out massage sessions will become, within three weeks.

Finally, we have been inspired and will continue to be supported by Geary’s unique background and strength of spirit. His post-graduate support has been astounding. He has our best interests at heart and truly wants us to succeed and to be an example to others. But most of all, he wants us to join the healers of the world for horse and rider—there are too few of us! Thank you Geary!

Best regards,

Ralph Carpenter & Sheri Dollar-Carpenter
Colfax, CA

Dear Geary,

Horses are only a tool to me. When our best horse came up lame two years ago, we looked for ways to heal this horse. We went to a veterinarian. We had our horse shod, but none of these would correct the problem. We were advised to dispose of her.

When my father told me you were working with his neck problem, he suggested that I talk to you about working on our horse. You agreed to work with her and the next thing I knew she was sound again. For the first time, she was holding her head up higher than I had ever seen her do. When you asked me what I thought, I said you had made a believer out of me and I am impressed. When someone impresses me, they have accomplished a lot. I still don’t understand how it works, but it does. If someone was to ask me what I thought about equine massage, I would tell them it is a bunch of shit, but it works!

I would also like to report that my father hasn’t had any problems with his neck since you worked on him and both father and horse are sound and usable again. If we ever have similar problems with any of our horses, I will call you.

Thanks again for helping to keep the ranch running smoothly.

Jim Hartzell

Dear Geary:

Thank you for the massage that you gave my mare, Printer’s Lynx. I could immediately see the difference in her movement. She had obvious improvement in the motion on her front right and more extension in stride. She moves better than she has for several years.

I also wanted to thank you for the great demonstration you did for the Equine Education Seminar. I had several positive comments from the people attending. It’s really great to see that people are becoming aware that the physical needs of their horses as equine athletes, including proper nutrition, conditioning, Veterinarian care, and the benefit from Massage.

Thanks for making life better for so many horses, including Printer’s Lynx.

Amber Knight

Dear Geary,

After 20 years of riding bulls, along with all the other crazy things I have done in my lifetime, I was paying the price in the form of neck, back and general body pain.

As if this wasn’t enough, I crashed at the “Cowboy Downhill” Ski Race in Steamboat Springs this past January landing directly on the back of my head and bent my neck and body in ways God never intended! Seven months of chiropractors and massages had not helped… and then I met you.

Your massage techniques relieved most of the pain in just one session and after two sessions the pain I had endured for years was gone and I have never felt better.

If you or your horse have any back, neck or muscle related problems or pain, I hope you have the pleasure of working with Geary and finding out just how good life can be when you are pain free.

Happy Trails,
Gary Leffew

Dear Geary:

Thank you for taking the time to come over and work with our horses. Mom and I both believe your massages have helped her mare tremendously in her performance ability, as well as everyday riding exercise. You have worked three times on her now and she is running freely; faster than we can remember. And her turns are snappier and mother is winning! Mother definitely feels the difference in the power and speed of her mare, and your service is the only difference in our routine of taking care of her to keep her sound.

There have been a few miles since I started this letter. We have been to Del Mar and back, and with excellent news! We were in the Senior Pro Rodeo at the San Diego County Fair on Tuesday. We made two runs on Tuesday, and returned home that evening. Mother won two firsts (the average and one go-round) and a second in one go with a barrel down (which is +5 added to your time). Her little mare just flew through the course and, of course, the audience just loved it… especially when they announce her age, 80 years old in December!

AND… my mare ‘turned’ out some great runs, too! For the first time since I have been competing with her (three years now), I finally felt what she is capable of doing. I won a second one go, but brushed a barrel (over) to win the next go. She really got down and ran! I was so excited to finally have her perform as I expected she could. That trip home wasn’t bad! You have worked on her twice now, the first time being away from home and she was nervous, but this last time, she enjoyed her treatment and it must have loosened up her muscles as she really performed. Bottom line: We believe your massage treatments have helped our horses tremendously.

That’s our story Geary. We really believe in your skills and will be calling you again. Good luck in your new endeavors and thank you!

Very truly yours,

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a pleasure to introduce Geary Whiting who has been working with our thoroughbred race horses for several months. Geary is an athlete, understands athletes and appreciates that the horse responds to massage as the human athlete does. I have noticed significant and positive changes in our horses over the course of the last few months. They are more relaxed, happier and move more freely.

Moreover, Geary is a true professional. He is extremely thorough and always follows up on his treatments. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I strongly urge any athlete, human or equine to take advantage of Geary’s skills.

Trudy McCaffery

Dear Geary,

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have Little Bit back in top notch working order. After your massage, he was a little sore for the first day, as you said he might be; but by the second day, he was moving out. Especially noticeable was the fact that he was reaching equally as far forward with his right rear leg. When I rode him, I was able to comfortably post to his trot on both diagonals with both sides feeling balanced. Before your therapy, the left diagonal was very rough, I was unable to sit deeply on that side and when rising, was tossed to the left.

This little fellow is my prized possession. I appreciate your good work and so does Little Bit!!! I have shared his recovery with other fellow horse owners and hope they will be contacting you.

Sandee McLaughlin

Dear Geary,

We cannot thank you enough for the kind and professional treatment you gave our miniature horse Sparky. When you first came out to examine Sparky, he could hardly walk and wasn’t eating well or drinking water. He was also very toxic. It took only three appointments of your professional touch and know-how to heal our little horse. He now trots around like a philly and literally eats like a horse, drinking lots of water and is very happy. The vet who examined Sparky really didn’t know what was wrong with him. Thank you Geary for the great job you did for us and Sparky. We will highly recommend you to our friends who have ailing horses.

Joseph Mondello
Mondello Miniature Ranch

Dear Geary,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your expertise with our three-time World Champion English horse, Jazzy Express (better known as “Willy”).

As I explained to you in Paso Robles in April of 1996, “Willy” seemed to be uncomfortable when asked to lope on the right lead. Your brief examination found some abnormal tensions in various places on his body.

You were kind enough to travel to our ranch in May and work on “Willy,” a few of my friends, and myself. We all benefitted from the massage and therapy field. You also took the time to show me how to help do my own “rubbing” on “Willy’s” muscles to help loosen him up. I will not use the word “massage,” because that needs to be reserved for use with the professionals.

We never had another problem with “Willy” and his lope to the right. Thank you for your help and good luck with the future endeavors. We have waited a long time for professionals like you to enter the equine world, where we dearly need you.

Please consider this thank you letter as a letter of recommendation, as well, to anyone thinking of utilizing your services for either horses or people.

Rita Turpie
Owner and Breeding Manager

Hello to everyone who may be reading testimonials about Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider.

My name is Meladee Ann Tyrrell, I’m 56 years old and I attended/graduated Geary’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider, class of November 2007.

I arrived at his school very pale, very weak and still quite sick, but in all sincere thanks and credit to Geary, I left school a week later mentally and physically healthier, much stronger and a very proud graduate. So I’d like to share the story of how that all came about with you, to hopefully give you some insight into what sort of man you’ll be meeting and studying under, and the lifelong benefits/teachings of choosing his school.

I checked Geary out extensively online—personally, professionally and the Equine School itself. Needless to say I was quite amazed to find that his career and the endless, impressive accomplishments in his lifetime were truly amazing for just one man and quite lengthy to say the very least. His drive, his energy, his positive outlook on life, his business sense and his personal “goal setting” are highly contagious, so fair warning! After my research, I eagerly wanted desperately to attend Geary’s “smoke free” school. So I quit smoking cold turkey the day I made my class deposit after 40 years of smoking two packs of Camels a day. My body, in turn, reacted violently to the nicotine withdrawals and stress, and I was soon diagnosed with a severe case of interior and exterior shingles, rendering me helplessly bedridden for six very painful weeks and simply heartbroken thinking I would miss school.

It was during that time that I spoke with Geary for the first time on the telephone. It was as if I was talking to an old friend, not someone I had never met, as the man is pure “down home country” and very comfortable to sit and converse with. That “positive in-put”, hour -long conversation was the beginning of a very wonderful life changing experience for me.

As of this day, I have never forgotten his “above and beyond” kindness, his comforting words of encouragement, hope and emotional support, nor his promise to help me heal my body and my immune system, and to keep it healthy in the future. If I could only get up out of bed and get to him down in California. And I did.

He went well beyond the expectations of your “every day teacher” once I got there too, as the man truly and deeply cares about people in general and, above all else, his students, their well being and their success.

So true to his word, heal me the dear man did, as that’s one of his many endless talents; mentally and physically healing people and horses. And he does it up right.

So when you read his words advertising “a school for horse AND rider,” know it’s quite true, and well worth every red cent you’ll spend for tuition. His school… I could go on and on about that as it’s still one of my favorite memories and subjects. Here are the many things I enjoyed:

  • His stress free, kicked back atmosphere, and the endless laughter-filled teachings during his classes are guaranteed to make even the shyest of students comfortable;
  • His deep human compassion, his big, kind heart and true caring for each and every student’s physical and mental well being, let alone their understanding/learning of Equine Massage and all it entails;
  • The personal one-on-one time he makes to be with each student and answer each and every question or concern;
  • His extensive background of body building, resistant weight training and vitamin therapy, are guaranteed to make the weak and sick, like myself, strong and healthy again (which is important when you’re massaging a thousand pound horse!);
  • His endless fountain of knowledge for Equine Massage/horses and business.
  • His honesty, integrity, morals, beliefs and values in life, which are excellent and very admirable; and
  • His willingness to always be available to you, long after you graduate, goes far beyond what any other school could possibly offer you.

So I highly recommend that if you are thinking of a career in this field to choose his school!

Those of us that have, and who have graduated, are sure glad/blessed we did. You will not only leave class a knowledgeable, confident graduate, but you will also be a true friend of his for life, as helping people and teaching people is his true calling in life and a God-given talent. And he does it so very well.

So, to all that may read this testimonial and to you my dear beloved teacher, know that I now proudly stand before you a much healthier and stronger woman, who is now massaging three to four horses a week at my stable, as we’re in the height of “show season,” and a woman who’s now shopping for that perfect piece of land on which to start her very own Equine Training Center.

But above all else, I’m a woman who is very proud to call Geary Whiting my very dear and good friend. I miss you so, dear Geary, and happy trails to one and all. My love, my friendship always,

Meladee Ann Tyrrell
Equine Shiatsu Healing/Helping Hands
Corvallis, OR


Our Billy Letters

To Whom It May Concern,

Billy is a 25-year-old thoroughbred who looked like he should be sold for dog food. He arrived at the massage school underweight and in poor condition. He barely made it from the trailer to his stall – 20 feet away. Billy was lethargic and would not raise his head when anyone entered his stall. He was mostly skin and bones. He would barely eat. We called him “Mr. Dead.” Over the course of a week, Billy received several Massages. Monday evening Billy started eating more. Tuesday he turned to look at us as we entered his stall. Wednesday he nickered at us as we came to feed him and he ate everything in sight. Wednesday afternoon he walked around with a rider on his back. By Thursday he was trotting, and Friday morning he cantered up a hill with a rider. We now call him “Wild Bill.”

Just as amazing was that these massages were performed by students! Geary makes learning so fun and easy that anyone can do it and achieve remarkable results. Classes are small and interactive in a comfortable setting (they were held around the dining room table). Geary provided us with an education that went far beyond the advertised 60 hours.

A wonderful addition to the school is Geary’s lovely new bride Kathy. Kathy provides those extra touches that make you feel special, such as fruit and fresh flowers in the cabins. Both Geary and Kathy make the students feel more like an old dear friend come to visit, rather than just another student. It was a good vacation as well.


Jody Hutchison
Horse Trainer and Graduate of Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School

Thanks to Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage Therapy!

This is a true testimonial about a horse we saved from an early painful death.

Earlier this year, we were given Billy because his owners couldn’t afford the care that he needed. He could not stand without being in extreme pain, he moved slowly, and limped painfully. He was unable to put weight on his hooves, causing all his muscles to be tight and tense. Billy was dehydrated and smelled of death, due to kidney and liver failure (as we later found out). With doubts of him surviving the trailer ride home, we made our journey and arrived safely to our door.

We immediately changed Billy’s diet and had him to the first vet within four days. He told us to keep him drugged with “bute” and let him out to pasture to pass on.

Geary Whiting presented us with the opportunity to use Billy as a demo horse for his first massage course in our area. Billy was taken to the school the day before class unable to walk very well, head hanging low and in obvious pain from various ailments (including, but not limited to, severe ringbone, arthritis in the knee, severely underweight, and unable to urinate). The students were not sure if he would make it to the stall 20 feet away, and nicknamed him “Mr. Dead.”

Billy was worked on throughout the week and when we came to pick him up (expecting maybe a horse made more comfortable, but still in pain) we were greeted with a clean smelling, alive-looking animal, that was being ridden up hills and wanting to die, who was now acting like a 10-year-old ready to go instead of 25 and out to pasture.

Due to the results of Billy’s recovery I (Kelli) enrolled in Geary’s course so that I could learn exactly what happened to bring a horse back from the dead. I was surprised at the simplicity of it all. I found the class to be informative, enjoyable, and easy to absorb. Geary’s course offered everything that is needed to provide health and well being to animals, along with how to start your own practice while keeping a healthy mind and body through his workout program.

My husband and I highly recommend Geary’s course for both horse and rider.

Yours in Good Health,

Thomas M. Klassy D.C.
Kelli M. Klassy C.M.T., E.M.T., C.E.S.M.T.

Standing Tree Ranch

P.S. Billy, now known as “Wild Bill,” continues to thrive and is a lesson horse for beginners. He has found his niche and loves looking after his riders.

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