Horse Massage School
Horse Massage School


Geary Whiting, and his mother Madolyn sharing an ice cream together. Geary Whiting, and his mother Madolyn sharing an ice cream together.

This next person is responsible to a rather large degree for who I am. She cultivated my heart from a very early age. My mother has been my number one supporter throughout my whole life. As I look back, many of my accomplishments came about as a result of a burning desire to honor my mother and father, and live up to the fine name given to me. One such desire has been to create an equine massage school that really is different. I wanted a school that changes lives. It is with pleasure that I dedicate this school to Madolyn Hilton Whiting, my friend, my mother. Without this lady, none of this would have been possible

Dr. Kaneko is a man whom I owe much. After graduating in 1985 from his school in Santa Monica, California, I felt I had the tools to help many people with problems return to a happy, pain free life. I went well beyond my expectations and Dr. Kaneko’s. Dr. Kaneko is a man of great honor, and his example of extraordinary qualities had a great influence on me. We all need role models, and I could not have had a better one. One very important quality we both share is big hearts and the love of helping others. It is with great pleasure that I dedicate this page to Dr. Do Ann T. Kaneko… the man… the friend.

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