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Horse Massage School


Hello to everyone who may be reading testimonials about “Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider.”

My name is Meladee Ann Tyrrell, I’m 56 years old, and I attended/graduated Geary’s “Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider,” class of November 2007.


I arrived at his school very pale, very weak and still quite sick, but in all sincere thanks and credit to Geary, I left school a week later mentally/physically healthier, much stronger, and a very proud graduate. So I’d like to share the story of how that all came about with you, to hopefully give you some insight into what sort of man you’ll be meeting and studying under, and the life long benefits/teachings of choosing his school.


I checked Geary out extensively online, personally, professionally and the Equine School itself. Needless to say I was quite amazed to find that his career and the endless, impressive accomplishments in his lifetime were truly amazing for just one man and quite lengthy to say the very least. His drive, energy, positive outlook on life, business sense and personal “goal setting” is highly contagious -- so fair warning! After my research, I soon wanted desperately to attend Geary’s “smoke free” school, so I quit smoking cold turkey the day I made my class deposit. I was a 2-pack a day Camels smoker for 40 years. My body, in turn, reacted violently to the nicotine withdrawals and stress, and I was soon diagnosed with a severe case of interior and exterior shingles. Rendering me helplessly bedridden for 6 very painful weeks and simply heartbroken thinking I would miss school.


It was during that time that I spoke with Geary for the first time on the telephone. It was as if I was talking to an old friend, not someone I had never met, as the man is pure “down home country” and very comfortable to sit and converse with. That “positive in-put” hour-long conversation was the beginning of a very wonderful life changing experience for me. And his name was Geary Whiting.


As to this day I have never forgotten his “above and beyond” kindness, comforting words of encouragement, hope and emotional support, nor promise to help me heal my body and my immune system, plus keep it healthy in the future. I struggled to get up and out of bed to get to him in California. And I am so glad I did it! 


He went well beyond the expectations of your “every day teacher” once I got there. Geary truly and deeply cares about people in general and, above all else, his students, their well being, and their success.

So true to his word, heal me the dear man did, as that’s one of his many endless talents -- mentally and physically healing people and horses. And he does it up right.


So when you read his words advertising “a school for horse AND rider,” know it’s quite true, and well worth every red cent you’ll spend for tuition. His school, I could go on and on about that as it’s still one of my favorite memories and subjects.


His stress free, kicked-back atmosphere, and the endless laughter filled his classes, guaranteed to make even the shyest of students comfortable.Geary's deep human compassion, kind heart and true caring for each and every student’s physical and mental well being, let alone their understanding/learning of Equine Massage and all it entails, made each technique easy to learn and fun. The personal one-on-one time with each student and the his patience in answering each and every question or concern made for a truly relaxing course. His extensive background of body building, resistant weight training and vitamin therapy, guaranteed to make the weak and sick (like myself) strong and healthy again, (which is important when you’re massaging a thousand pound horse!) was amazing. Geary is has an endless fountain of knowledge for Equine Massage/horses and business. His honesty, integrity, morals, beliefs and values in life, which are excellent and very admirable, and his willingness to always be available for you long after you graduate goes far beyond what any other school could possibly offer you. So I highly recommend that if you are thinking of a career in this field to choose his school!


Those of us that have graduated are truly blessed. You will not only leave class a knowledgeable, confident graduate, but also a true friend of his for life. Helping people and teaching people is his true calling in life and a God-given talent, which he does extremely well.


So, to all that may read this testimonial and to you my dear beloved teacher, know that I now proudly stand before you a much healthier and stronger woman, who is now massaging 3-4 horses a week at my stable as we’re in the height of “show season,” and a woman who’s now shopping for that perfect piece of land to start her very own Equine Training Center on.


But above all else, I’m a woman who is very proud to call Geary Whiting my very dear and good friend. I miss you so Geary and happy trails to one and all.


My love and friendship always,


Meladee Ann Tyrrell
Equine Shiatsu Healing/Helping Hands
Corvallis, Oregon

This was the most amazing experience of my life! I am a horse trainer in California and have been working with horses most of my life. This program was the best thing I have ever done for myself and for all of the lovely horses I get to spend my time with. My passion for horses has grown but in a different way than I ever expected. Although I left the school with of course solid massaging skills, I also left with a bigger heart and healthier mind.


Anyone who has worked with horses can tell you how phenomenally sensitive these animals are. If you are stressed, negative and in a hurry, you will leave the horse feeling the same way. If you are a happy, healthy, positive person, the horse will feel more at ease and will have an easier time putting their trust into you.


Geary has designed his school with this concept in mind. Learning how to perform the Shiatsu was the easy part; the challenge was to get my heart and mind in the right place to make the treatments more effective.


Geary is by far one of the most exceptional people I have ever met in my life and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he teaches. He gives you all of the necessary tools to give an effective massage, but most importantly, the program in whole gives you more than just knowledge about massaging horses. It gives you the opportunity to grow as a human being and learn the incredible potential we all have as people. This program allows you to develop qualities in yourself that will better your relationships with horses and everyone around you.


After being home for only a month, I have had my hands on over 20 different horses. Each time I massage a horse is the most amazing experience, and every time it is different:


A. One horse had cast herself in her stall and came out with her right leg the diameter of her knee from hoof to   knee. Her right eye was swollen shut. Instead of calling the vet, I gave her a massage and when I was done, the swelling in her leg went down 90% and her eye was wide opened. She was able to compete just 5 days later nad moved more sound than she ever had!


B. Another horse, Nicky, is 22 years old and has been shown all over the country. He is a super star! He has “typical” arthritis in his hind legs that gets stocked up overnight or when not moving. I gave him two massages and he has not come out of his stall with ANY swelling since then!! 


C. Monty, a 15 year old horse, use to grind his teeth every time he was ridden. After 3 massages, no more grinding!!


D. My dog Gunther is getting older and has been having issues with his hips. The night I got home from Geary’s school, he was so excited to see me that he was running around the house and slipped and fell on the hard wood floor. He got up and was 3 legged. I gave him a massage (before I even unpacked my suitcase out of the car) and when I was done, he ran around on four legs. I haven’t seen him so active since he was a puppy!!

Since I have been home, my relationships with my family, friends, and horses have improved in countless ways. I have opportunities knocking on my door daily and, most importantly, of all the horses love me and can’t get enough of me!!


The biggest change this school made in me was that I, in just 5 days, changed my entire outlook on equine care and nutrition. I realized that what I was doing with my training is not at all what I now know is right. I have obviously always LOVED horses. I never had any ill intentions, however with knowledge comes responsibility. I knew on day 2 that I was going to be changing EVERYTHING I was doing with them. I no longer want to train or show horses within the western pleasure discipline. I no longer want to put shoes on my horses. I no longer want to settle with a 12×12 stall. All 60 horses at the ranch now all eat off slow feeder nets. I no longer give any antacids or pain medications for the horses. Thousands of dollars have been saved by not listening to the propaganda of the big corporations telling me what my horses need! Now I spend my time treating the horse injuries that I had took part in creating. Never will I ever harm a horse again, only healing hands here!!


Thank you Geary for all that you do!! Thank you for taking me down the path from Western Pleasure World Champion to happy HORSE HIPPY!!


The transformation was incredible! Thank you for being a great friend!


Sara Anderson

My son's horse Dino (Dino is 20 years old) became a part of our family early last summer after spending three years with another little girl who mostly ranched on him with her family.  We felt very fortunate to have him join our family as he has had a wonderful reined cowhorse show career and was trained by some of the best in the business. When we got him, he was out of shape and quite overweight. After getting him legged up and reminding him that he does have a proper lead departure (he spent his previous time on the ranch long trotting and trotting into a lope), I checked out some of his other maneuvers. From watching him show in years past, I knew he was a great little lead changer. But, when I tried it with him, he was stiff, and also felt weak. I thought we just needed to get him into better shape and do some exercises with him to get that back. We haven’t had much time to ride and work on it over the summer and fall since we have been very busy with our major house project and haven’t ridden any of our horses since October. They’ve been lunged, turned out ... etc., but nothing else. So, the project of getting Dino’s lead changes back so Mead could show him a little was on hold.



Dr. Geary Whiting came out and performed Shiatsu massage on some of our horses. Dino was one of them. I could tell that Dino really appreciated Dr. Geary’s touch. After the session was over, Dr. Geary asked me to saddle up Dino and ride him a little bit. He wanted to see him go under saddle. I did, just a little bit to warm him up as I didn’t want to do much because  it had been 4 months since he’d been ridden. Dr. Geary then asked me to try a few maneuvers where Dino seemed to be stiff in the past. I thought, “What the heck, let’s try a lead change.” So we loped through the middle, I asked for the change and it was like I was on a different horse; the one I had seen in the show pen years ago!  I stopped right away and told Geary about this, because, wow, I couldn’t believe it. Geary said wanted to see a few more, so we did few both directions and Dino was smooth as silk!


When I asked Geary about it and explained to him that Dino had seemed stiff and weak previously and while he’s still not in the best of shape, the lead changes were effortless. Geary explained it to me in this way, he said, “When your muscles are tight and then restricted from their proper movement, you are in a sense weak, so that is why you were feeling that before with Dino. Imagine running up a hill in shorts, you can do that pretty well. Now imagine running up a hill in very tight jeans. You are going to have a very hard time getting up the hill, you may feel weak and be out of breath. This is because those very tight jeans are restricting how your muscles are supposed to work. When the pressure points are activated with Shiatsu massage and the muscles are released, then they can do the job they were designed to do.”  It makes sense to me – it sure made a world of difference to Dino today!


Karen Gerfen



I just have to write this note I hope you’ll share with your future students. As you know, I came to your school just so I could help my own horse when I became dissatisfied with the therapist who had been working on him. Little did I know what was to come!


What you teach at your school, your massage technique, is powerful stuff! I mentioned that I was going to your school to my chiropractor, who, unbeknown to me then, is an owner of some racehorses. He said he would love to try it out on his horses. So I want to share with you, that just 3 weeks home from school and I was at Hollywood Park race track massaging racehorses. I must say the trainer seemed captivated with the first horse’s demeanor during the massage. The second one I did, he said he couldn’t believe it was the same horse and that he’d never seen him that calm before.


And of course, the faces the horses made was a “tell tale” sign as well that they did indeed love every minute of it! While I was “working,” I also overheard the trainer tell the owner that he was very impressed at how thorough the massage was. Saying that over the years he had seen many people come in and do massages and that “they all seemed to be in a hurry, and the horses never relaxed like this!” He had not seen anybody take the time that I did and just marveled at how much the horses enjoyed it. The horses trained the next day and it went so well (his words: “he was just gliding down the track!”) they had me at Del Mar the next Saturday massaging for Sundays’ big stakes race. (I’m not giving the names of the horses or trainer as to not reveal their secret weapon – ME!!! Thanks to you!) And they did very well too!


What a thrill it has been for me, to have the opportunity to work on these amazing horses, to have played a part in their enhanced performance, and to get behind the scenes at the races. And, I am confident that if I was just another massage therapist doing “fluffy stuff,” they surely would not have asked me back.


And it just goes on! Sharing this story with a few friends has resulted in appointments for more massages and I’ve been asked to do a clinic at a local facility that has approximately 160 horses boarded there!


So to future students, what you have the opportunity to learn is an amazing and powerful tool that not only can enrich the lives of the horses you work on, but your own life as well.


And to you, fine teacher, I will always be grateful that God put that love in your heart for what you are doing, it shines through and through. I am so glad to chose your school.



Berta Delight Pinon, CESMT
B Delight’d Equine Massage




On Feb 7, 2009, they entered Charlie’s Moment in a $200,000 Stakes Race at Santa Anita, and had asked me to work on him the morning of the race. Security is very strict before a Stakes Race and you must be licensed by the Racing Board to get near the horse. So unfortunately, I was not allowed to touch him, as I had not received my license yet. In any case, Charlie finished last that day.


May 24, 2009 Charlie was entered in a $100,000 Stakes Race at Hollywood Park. One of the owners expressed concern because this was a 7 Furlong race against some pretty tough opponents, and Charlie simply had not made a showing in the shorter distances. I made them an offer, “let me massage Charlie a week before the race and again the day before the race and if he doesn’t finish in the money, I won’t charge you.” They agreed! Charlie took the lead before the first turn and never let another catch him! He won by two lengths!! It was very impressive to say the least! As a matter of fact so impressive, he was purchased right after the race by a Sheikh and shipped to Dubai! I later found out it was Godolphin Racing that purchased him. Their founder (Drum Roll Please!) is Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai H.H. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Incredible! I’m having the time of my life out here, and still very impressed by the power of this massage technique!


Most Sincerely,





Thank you! Kris is still raving about her time she spent with you. The most incredible thing she says, which sums it all up is: “I feel like I have reconnected with my soul.” Knowing you from the brief moments we have spent on the phone, I know that your humility won’t allow you to take personal credit. On the other hand, we can both recognize what an important role you played in facilitating her process.


Among other things, I, too, am a teacher, and know what it means to touch another’s life. I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for touching hers.


Bob Leonetti
June 3, 2002



I really cannot thank you enough for the time spent at Geary Whiting’s Massage School. It was worth every penny and more and has already changed my life! Your school is truly unique and the program is unlike any other school I’ve ever been in. Your passion for what you do is intense and due to the fact I’m at a point in my life where I’m making important decisions and really starting a new lifestyle — the timing of this class couldn’t have been better. I feared college and its change before I went to your school. When I left, I was embracing the change and start of a life. I’m not ready to change — and I couldn’t have done it this way, the right way, without you. I took all you said to heart.


On a fantastic note, I massaged my Aunt Mo when we stayed at her place Friday night. The results were absolutely amazing. She hadn’t felt so amazing in years and it was an absolute RUSH knowing I was helping someone who had been in pain. I’m planning on working on her problem jaw and foot — she’s been to 19 doctors who couldn’t do anything for her! I also convinced her to go to the acupuncturist with me and start colon cleansing — I feel like I’ve changed the world already. Another exciting thing I’ve done was massage my dog. I simply worked down her spine and I found so many knots. It was really interesting to see how she reacted! She was a bit worried, but she licked her lips whenever I worked out a knot! I used to do doggie agility with her, so all the jumping and obstacles really knotted up her back. We have a 12 year old dog who has had back and butt problems for the past 8 years. I’m ENDLESSLY excited to get working on her – I have no doubt I can help her.


This is simply so exciting! There are so many directions I can go and so many people/animals I can help — It’s thrilling. I can’t wait for you to come down for the human class and so we can take you to the races. You’ll love it down here and I miss you already!


Thank you for your time and knowledge. If there’s ANYTHING I can do to help you, please feel free to ask!



Marissa Knowlton

Hi Geary,


I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your downtime. Again (and again and again), thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience and intuition. It was an incredible week, start to finish.


And my horse thanks you from the soles of her warm little hooves to the tips of her now-flopping ears. I have done a couple of mini-massages to relax her back and tighten those saggy broodmare abs and some stretching on her legs. She is just loving it! The first time I stretched that puffy right hind, she heaved a huge sigh, rested her toe on the ground and let me flop the leg front and back pivoting on the toe with no resistance. It must have been such a relief that she didn’t even want to stand on it and ruin the great feeling!


And my husband thanks you! I have worked on Gerry’s neck and shoulders three times already and he’s hooked. He was a little hesitant at first, but he is now breathing through the pain and his range of motion is improving every session. Fortunately, my thumbs are breathing through the pain too!


I contacted a local woman (a formerly horsey gal — her brother is one of my mustang compadres) who does graphics on vehicles and logo embroidery. She also has a computer program that grids out pictures for cross-stitch and crocheting and is very excited about working on my logo-to-be. Jackie thanks you as well for helping generate more business for her. (I’ll send you the finished product hot off the presses.)


Take care and enjoy the path!



Dear Lisa,


I found you on Geary Whiting’s website and wanted to ask you about your experience at his school. I have been looking for the best place to train, and would appreciate your input about the school, as well as your experience in becoming/being a horse massage therapist. I know there must be so much to learn, and I wonder if one week of training really makes it possible to go out and make your living doing this.


I am very excited about this possibility because I love horses, though my experience is long but shallow. I spent lots of time riding when I was younger, but without any professional instruction. I have recently started taking lessons and love it. I also have take a course in human massage, and seemed to have a talent for it – and loved it. So the combination seems perfect for me.


I would love to hear from you about your experience.



Paula McConnell
October 20, 2001




(Lisa's Response)


Hi Paula,


Geary’s class is great! I do feel that after being certified in anything there is a level of motivation and confidence that comes with experience you just won’t have. But, Geary gives you ways to deal with that issue. He tells you to enlist 10 people and their horses, before you take the class, that would be willing to allow you to practice your skills on. When you return, you work on those horses to build your confidence. In turn, several of those people will see such wonderful results they will want to pay you to continue. Consequently, they will tell their friends about you and be wonderful references!


He really covers all the bases and he and his wife make the experience unforgettable. It is a life experience you don’t want to miss. As soon as I am done with my BS in psychology I plan to dive right into building my client base. I have actually been applying his technique to dogs and getting wonderful results with hip dysplasia. Your course in human massage will aid you in helping the rider, but I caution you not to let it interfere with learning Geary’s technique. Try not to apply your own style until after you have mastered Geary’s teachings.


He is a wonderful, knowledgeable man who can take you far in this field if you listen and learn. You’ll love it.



Lisa Taylor, CESMT
October 23, 2001

Hi Geary and Kathy,


I will never be able to find the words to thank you enough for last week. From the breathtaking surroundings to our wonderful group along with your inspirational and caring manner, This experience will last my entire life. Everyone here has commented on how calm I have been since I got back and I feel a centeredness (don’t know if that’s an actual word, but what the heck!) I’ve never experienced before. My head is still very much in the mountains, the redwoods and massaging horses that it’s been difficult getting back to “reality.”


I want to thank you for the wonderful dinner Friday night. I very much enjoyed your company. I appreciated your kind words and will never forget them.


I’ve already worked on both my dog and my brother with very positive results. I hope to be working on the pony I ride next week and a friend wants me to work on her dog who has diabetes.


I’ve been in touch with Vera and I’m thrilled she has gone full speed ahead into equine massage. I know she will be a big success. I have started to look into Shiatsu schools but haven’t had any luck yet. There is a Japanese man that performs the art in the city and I may give him a call and see if he has any suggestions. I’m still in contemplation mode and since I will be going to Chicago this weekend for a mini-adventure, I haven’t had much time to ponder it. I know though that I will do something related to this field, whether equine, canine or human.


I will be seeing my mentor, Lois, this evening and am eager to tell her all about my incredible experience. Her newsletter won’t come out until the end of next month, but I will send it to you as soon as I get it. I’ve already begun writing my article for it.


It has been an honor for me to have been a part of your “family” for five days. Thank you so much!


Take care,




Greetings to you Geary.


It has been about a year and a half since I went to California for a truly memorable and life altering educational experience. Since my return to Boston, my life has done a complete 180. As you might remember (our three girls to one Geary class allowed much time for talk of home life) I was a city dweller with no immediate horse contact, living with and giving to a man you said I surely couldn’t truly love and ultimately trying for optimism. Well now I am pleased to say, all of that has changed for the better! Last March I purchased an eight month old Tennessee Walking Horse. She is awesome! When I have access to a scanner I will forward pictures. Luna started a snowball effect that fairly quickly knocked my ex-fiance out of the picture, moved us to the country and brought along a dog. I am happier than I have ever been.


Massage has strengthened the bond between Luna and I for sure. I do not practice commercially, but being at your ranch brought me a multitude of learning experiences. My choice to return to horses started with your course. Once I was reminded of what really makes me happy it became impossible to deny. For this I say thank you!


I hope all is well and you are prospering.



Stacey Toth
January 13, 2002



I can’t believe all the doors that have opened up for me after attending your school!!


Since completing your school, I have worked on over 150 different horses, held 2 clinics, working closely with numerous vets, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and farriers, and a series of massage and saddle fit clinics to be held this spring hosted by the Minnesota Horse Improvement Association. Also, some of the top trainers in the Country are now sold on the benefits of massage. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed it would turn into something this big so fast.


The last week of January I was in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska working on horses. And the first week of February studying Jin Shin Jyutsu & Shiatsu with Martha Page. I taught her about working on her horses and she taught me more about working on people and high touch Jin Shin. It was so much fun. Martha, my mom and myself have tentatively scheduled a trip to Japan to sightsee and spend time in some Shiatsu and Jin Shin hospitals sometime this fall.


Would you ever consider doing a school session for students already completing your school? Kind of an advanced or continuing session to build on what you have taught us to take the massage more in-depth?


Hope all is well with you, Kathy, and the horses!


Thank you so much,


Juanita Wiese

Geary- My sister asked me to go with her to a friend’s farm to look at a horse they own. Said she wanted me to massage it and see if I could alter it’s gait. She thought something was wrong. Well, I went. The very first thing I noticed was this poor fellow’s neck. It was tighter than a drum. At the poll was extreme tension. So I did a neck massage on both sides to see what would happen, and let them lunge him.


All were astonished by the results. Needless to say I was proud of myself. Told them that he probably had a headache. After the lunging I did the entire horse. All but his rear right leg as when I started on his hip it really hurt him. Rather than do any damage I suggested your man, the chiropractor when he visits us. Anyway, that was wonderful has I hadn’t done a massage in two months. It’s remarkable how much one retains after your drumming.


Bob Mitchell




(Geary's Response)


Bob you can’t do damage to a horse by doing massage. I am not sure where you came up with such an idea. You would most likely have taken care of all problems doing a complete treatment. In the future, WORK THE SENSITIVE AREAS, leave nothing out, after all that is what you have been trained by me to do. And yes, I do make sure you get it while you are in school. It even helps having my video as a refresher.


I would also offer this thought for your consideration. If the neck is tight as you said, and I do believe that to be the case, it would affect the horses gate as well as lead changes, behavior issues and be associated with many other performance limitations.


The neck attaches into the shoulder area which in turn will affect front end action. If the horse compensates for the shoulder problem, it will work off of the back end more than it should. This will throw the whole horse off in its performance. I would also check saddle fit. As I mentioned in school, placing the saddle too far forward onto the shoulders will also affect how the muscles work or don’t work. Horses have been known to come up lame because of limited or improper knowledge by their riders/owners.


It is good that you accomplished so much in the little work you did, as well as having others see what you are capable of accomplishing.


I think you need to get into the swing of things and start working on horses. Use that success story as a launching platform and go out and fix many others that need your touch.


Getting a letter of endorsement is really a good idea, not just to show what you can do, but to also help the skeptics see there is something MORE than just their limited way of seeing things. There is a big world of reality awaiting those who still live in the Stone Age.



Dear Geary & Kathy,


I thought about you both on my drive home. I’ve never met anyone more politically incorrect than Geary. With everyone’s buttons pushed and alarms going off you weathered the storms and simply waited for us to get it. The “it” is your great heart and a yearning for us (virtual strangers) to be healthy & happy. We are all so unaccustomed to a stranger giving a thought to our good will. If we knew each other another 60 years I would be alternately pissed then feeling so tender my heart would ache. The sign “In memory of Red, I’m so sorry” brought me to my knees. If I weren’t so Appalachian stoic in my show of emotions I would have been in tears half the time. And right there with you being an original stands Kathy. Shedding illusions like Buddha. Strong, capable and warm. What a lucky man you are.


Learning the massage technique was great. But meeting you two was a journey I wasn’t expecting.


Love you both & Merry Christmas!




PS – found your flashlight in my coat pocket – sorry!

To Whom It May Concern:


I attended Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School and completed the training 11-2-01. I did not know what to expect other than how to massage a horse. I learned that. I learned a lot more. I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years and have taken many advanced trainings. This training with Geary Whiting stands out in professionalism, content, and personal transformation.


First of all, I learned to apply what I learned on horses to people for a more thorough and effective massage, more thorough and effective than most of the techniques I have been using during my massage career. The horses we worked on were friendly and easy to work with. Because of the small class size, we got an impeccable tutorial. I feel confident about working with horses.


Secondly, true learning doesn’t come from books. Nor does it come from institutionalized environments where once the money is paid, the job gets done whether it is done well or not. This is not the case with the Whiting’s school. By spending a week with Geary and Kathy, I learned how to be a better person. I learned how to have dreams and attain them. I learned to think in new ways and use resources I had forgotten about. On my drive home, I called my partner at the first chance my cell phone had reception. There were tears in my eyes retelling who I had never been so well cared for and respected by strangers as I did by Geary and Kathy. He told me later it had choked him up hearing me tell him this over the phone. As I drove on further, I made up my mind to drive straight home, 564 miles, something I never would have believed possible before my training, before my exposure to looking at things in a different and attainable way. I developed strategies to make the drive possible. Every hundred miles I stopped to stretch and relieve myself whether I thought I needed to or not. I would get behind cars with better headlights, as the road got foggy. Although all these things seem simple and straightforward, I am coming from a place of being afraid to drive in the dark and have night blindness. When I returned from my trip, I felt proud and happy. In the next few days I noticed when challenges came up, my mind was well exercised to come up with strategies and forward directions. In the past, challenges felt like efforted events and now I have a new enthusiasm.


Another gift Geary gave our class was the high points of his personal fitness career. His approach is direct and easy to follow. I want to be strong and know that because of the class it will be easy to be strong and healthy for the duration of my life.


The school itself is a sanctuary situated in the mountains. There is a creek running through the ranch. It is quiet. The air is clean. The water is tasty. I slept well and woke rested. I looked forward to each new day of class.


I highly recommend Geary Whiting’s School of Equine Massage. There is a lot that can be learned in 5 days, including Equine Massage.


Diana Renison, LMP

November 9, 2002

To Those of You Interested in Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School,


My name is Sabrina Brown. I’m from Fairfield, CA, and I attended Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider in November 2007. I arrived on Sunday, November 11th lost, both literally — mom and I had to stop and ask for directions — and figuratively. All I knew when I got there was that I loved horses and that my uncle, who happened to have contacts in the industry, said that Equine Massage was something that was becoming big in the horse world. It had taken some parental persuading to get myself the tuition money, and even though I had heard from a previous student that it was worth every penny, I was still uncertain. Then I met Geary Whiting. I rode with him back to the R Wild Horse Ranch where the school was to take place. We had the most amazing conversation about almost everything I was uncertain of, and not just about the school but in my life. I was in bad shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Fortunately for me, a person cannot stay that way when you are around Geary. We talked about God and theology and mythology and everything in between on that car ride. He helped me to understand many things that I was confused or unsure of. By the time I was in bed that night, I was already convinced that I was in the exact place I was meant to be. Over the course of five short days I learned everything I needed to know to succeed not just in my business ventures, but in my life. I fell in love with a horse named Spud who reciprocated once I had the massage techniques down.


This program gave me many things. It gave me confidence in myself. It’s hard not to feel it after you’ve finished your first horse and he looks like you sent him to day-dream land. It helped me find a peace and quietness in my soul which I have only ever had around horses. It helped me find my purpose in life. Through Geary I learned that, though I love animals and want to help them as much as they have helped me through the difficult times I have experienced, I wanted more. My purpose is not just to heal animals, it is simply to heal. It was a revelation that left me feeling more certain than I have ever felt in my entire life. But Geary gave me more than just certainty; he gave me the gift of comfort, the drive to be successful and the means to make it so. He gave me the gift of his wisdom of which he has much. He puts his heart and soul into this program and he changes you through his enthusiasm, his outlook on life, and his honesty. He is a man that has truly lived life and he helped me realize that I want to truly live mine because I haven’t been living it. For twenty-three years, I have been a passenger on a course I had not set for myself, but now I’m in the driver’s seat and I’m setting my own rules, traveling down a path that I have chosen. On Sunday, November 11, 2007 I walked into Lumberjacks Restaurant to start Geary WHiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider a lost little girl, and five short days later I left the R Wild Horse Ranch a confident, vibrant woman. What caused this transformation? The answer is very simple – being in the presence of a man that has never been afraid to make his dreams reality, and that is the most important lesson that Geary Whiting taught me. Never stop dreaming and never, ever be afraid to chase those dreams until you make them your reality. Because of this I have no fear, I have no doubt, I have no regret — just hope, faith, and the determination to take the wheel and push the pedal to the metal until I become the person I am meant to be. If you have even the slightest change to attend this program you will leave feeling it more of an honor to be in the presence of such a great yet humble man. I am proud to call Geary Whiting my friend, my colleague, my teacher. He is a man that has much to offer and anyone would be a lucky person to take away just a pebble’s worth of what I took away from him. He is truly a God-send, and I thank the Lord everyday for putting him in my life.





a.k.a. Sabrina ‘Brini’ Brown

January 21, 2008


Just came from your new website. Wow! Just as an fyi, I owe a lot to you for wanting to get more knowledge in the massage therapy business.


I just got approval from the president of Manor Downs Race Track to be the massage therapist for their meet. I also have a veterinarian that is going to sign off for me to be a massage therapist for horses there too. I now have 550 hours of massage therapy training for people, including Shiatsu and various other modalities. I love it!


I am also a certified spa clinician, body wraps and such. I also took a 3 day course in equine chiropractic from Dr. Kamen. Not sure if I had told you about all this. I am currently studying for my national certification. I see a lot of people that have injuries from horse accidents. I am also trying to get a website up. Great idea on the DVD. I thought it would be a great asset for you. Well, got to go feed horses, I am getting the look.


Stay in touch,

Linda Chapman




(Geary’s Response)


Hello Linda,

It is really wonderful hearing from you. Thank you for the fine complements, I am very happy to have been there to give you direction.


It looks like you are doing awesome. I am very proud of what you have accomplished.


From a teachers point of view, I could not be happier with you, and for you. You see, as a teacher, I have moments when I question if what I am doing is really helping everyone. Not all who attend my school are ready for my kind of education. It is letters, and accomplishments such as yours that remind me never to forget my roll in teaching. Teachers touch the future, sometimes I touch some very sensitive buttons in the present.


What I have learned in the past 46 years of being in the fitness business is this. To make real progress in the field of massage, one has to of had made real progress in their personal life.


The difference between a good massage, and a great massage is this. One comes from the head, the other comes from the heart. Some people’s hearts are not quite ready yet to be taught.


The Ancient Healing Arts Association is going great. We offer a $2,000,000.00 liability insurance policy for only $199.00. This includes joining the association and insurance policy. You may wish to give some serious thought to this for race track purposes.


Congratulations to you for a job well done!


WOW! It worked!! This evening I got the first chance to try out massage. As you know while I was at your place my Dad’s filly got cut up. He called because he was having such a hard time dressing her leg and wanted me to help hold her. So I started in at the poll and before he even started I had her half asleep.


Mom and Dad were both in awe! For the last 3 nights they had been fighting her to let him change the bandage but this evening she stood perfectly still as I massaged one side and Dad changed the bandage on the other.


A big farmer that lives over the hill from Mom and Dad stopped to watch. I guess he had been watching Dad fight with her all week. He too was in awe! Asked if I could do that to his wild cows! HA HA! I don’t know if I want to try to massage a crazy cow!! What good advertisement though!!


Just had to update you!



March 10, 2002

Dear Geary,


I’m just writing to you to say THANK YOU for your phenomenal course!!! Your Shiatsu has helped me strengthen friendships across ‘the Pond.’


When I was searching for a massage school, yours was not the first one I looked at, but I daresay it’s been the absolute best choice for me. You delivered far more than I ever expected in the way of an education. And your enthusiasm and ease of teaching made learning fun and memorable.


It was no more than a month after I graduated that I got to travel round the United Kingdom for three weeks, putting your Shiatsu training to the test! I worked on over 20 ponies, and countless riders during that time. Not only was I thrilled to watch as each relaxed and came right, but the massage sessions left lasting impressions on friends, acquaintances, even a farrier. Indeed, I think you opened new doors for me and Shiatsu in the United Kingdom!!!


I have returned twice to the UK since then, and each time I’ve left happy ponies and owners begging me to relocate. My only regret just now is that I do live half a world away from them. I also wish I’d learned Shiatsu sooner, but I guess I’ll have to make up for lost time.


Geary, thanks to you and your school, I now have the tools to fulfill my dreams. The sky’s the limit!


Best regards,

Debbie Diment

Hello Geary,


I am overall doing really well, my son has come back to live with me and I am just about in the mix of a new CD, I will send you one when we are done. You can absolutely post my letter, I have been working a full time job, massaging on the weekends and playing music. We jut played for the Blue Angels at fleet week here in San Francisco at SFO for 15,000 people. What a rush that was let me tell you when there are that many people and the Blue Angels taxi up the tarmac behind where I was playing it was like a sea of people or a colony of ants moving in unison.


You know the biggest obstacles that I have to my massage is 1) a lot of people don’t think of their horses as athletes and 2) therapists that do a shoddy job or have maybe hurt their animal in one case. It is really building trust and a reputation of your competency and that is really what I have been focusing in on . Like that horse that won the grand nationals that did more for me than all of the freebies and demo’s put together. So I get people that won’t have me take care of their horses on a regular basis but before a show I seem to get a rush then it falls off.


I am really focusing on the magic # of regulars that allows me to quit my day job and do this full time. It will come thanks to you and what you have taught me which is no small feat since I have such terrible learning disabilities. I would not have been able to be successful if it weren’t for you and your style of teaching and the extra attention you gave me.


I told this one client that her horse was sore in the hocks and glutes and I don’t know why but he won’t let me stretch him as usual because he really enjoys it. This wen ton for about 3 months and she finally had him checked out, I don’t remember what the technical term was for his ailment but nonetheless he ended up needing to get shots in his hocks to deal with the situation from the vet. Her chiropractor told her that he didn’t know who I was or what I was doing but his adjustments are nil to none now since I have been taking care of him.


I tell my clients that I am not a vet but I do know what is wrong with your horse and other professionals have verified my intuition. My cell # is xxx-xxx-xxxx call anytime it would be great to see you again.


Take care,


Dean Dominguez

November 10, 2006

Hey guys!


Well the massage business is doing better than I thought during our winter. Most people put their horses up when the weather gets cold and don’t spent any money on them. But as of today we still have bare ground and that has bought us customers. We now have a barn in Massachusetts that we’re doing every two weeks so that’s great.


Came across a real interesting case a month or so ago. A 2-year-old quarter horse that they thought he had a skin disease, turns out the poor little guy was so sore he didn’t want anyone touching him. When we started he couldn’t turn his head towards his shoulder and after having 2 sessions he can bring his nose almost back to his flanks. He now enjoys the human touch and is “acting up” like 2 year olds should be.


I am still amazed sometimes how the massage can help these horses out in such little time.


Faith Ducios

December 14, 2001

Geary and Kathy,


I had my first paying client this morning, scheduled another appointment for a different client and have several interested onlookers, woohoo! My name is beginning to spread in the little world of the Pleasanton racetrack… good reviews I may add… and I am being tested, if you know what I mean. I am the new kid offering a unique service around the track and quite a few trainers have been shotgunning questions at me or telling me “I think I know where she is sore, but I want you to tell me.” I haven’t let them down and this tiny corner of the horse market is starting to open up to me. My name and business have spread through the backside like wildfire and they either look at me like I am nuts or embrace me, at any rate it is exciting.


Hope you both are well,


Vera Gates

Billy is a 25-year-old Thoroughbred who looked like he should be sold for dog food. He arrived at the massage school underweight and in poor condition. He barely made it from the trailer to his stall – 20 feet away. Billy was lethargic and would not raise his head when anyone entered his stall. He was mostly skin and bones. He would barely eat. We called him “Mr. Dead.” Over the course of a week Billy received several Massages. Monday evening Billy started eating more. Tuesday he turned to look at us as we entered his stall. Wednesday he nickered at us as we came to feed him and he ate everything in sight. Wednesday afternoon he walked around with a rider on his back. By Thursday he was trotting and Friday morning he cantered up a hill with a rider. We call him “Wild Bill.”


Just as amazing was that these massages were performed by students! Geary makes learning fun and easy so that anyone can do it and achieve remarkable results. Classes are small and interactive in a comfortable setting (they were held around the dining room table). Geary provided us with an education that went far beyond the advertised 60 hours.




Jody Hutchison

Horse Trainer and Graduate of Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School

Dear Geary,


Less is more when it comes to physical fitness.


I learned this quite by accident, but when you started to explain your training program it all came clear to me.


I was preparing to get my horse ready to race again after an injury. I wanted to take it slow. I rode once or twice a week gradually working up to trotting and galloping in about two months. Then I discovered a new trail and took my friend on it with me. We went 5 1/2 miles up and down hills, through sand and finally to a sandy road that we galloped on for about 1 1/2 miles towards home, then trotted and walked home. This ride took 3 hours. We started doing it one day a week. I thought I was just getting my horse ready to get ready to race, but what I did was get him ready to race!!!!!!!


By the end of 1 1/2 months of this one day a week schedule, my horse was fitter than when I was riding him at the track every day.


Traditions do not always hold water.




Stacey Landfield

September 19, 2005




(Geary’s Response)


When I started to use this principle with my athletes I noticed a HUGE difference in their progress. Not only was there significant difference in strength and performance, and size, but they were not stiff and soar as you would find in most over trained athletes. I appreciate your accidentally stumbling upon this concept, you and others will benefit greatly.


Thanks again Stacey,