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This page is to recognize my students who have impressed the teacher and have gone well beyond their personal expectations and have earned the distinction of  high achievers. This page will eventually start coming to life as I go through the archives of my successful graduates. This page is long overdue. I will be starting with my most recent and traveling back to as many of my old timers that I can locate. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I do.


By: Stephanie Kniestedt Graduate of Geary Whiting Equine Massage Home Study

Hello everyone! It is a honor to be writing this letter sharing the endless possibilities when massaging a horse. I am a recent graduate summer 2017 of Geary's home study program and let me tell you the results are AMAZING!! When I received the news I passed the course it was a weight lifted off my shoulders but then a brick added as questions rolled in. Can I really perform after completion? How will I get people to believe in my work as much as I do? Will they try me being so new into the field? They just kept coming. Roughly July I shared my news and started making a Business page I announced it to friends, I involved my friends. The best thing I could of done was promoting as basically Charity Stephanie having a wonderful follow with me to video every move, every detail I made. AND best part... IT WORKED!! I ended up sponsoring a family friend whom is a top barrel racer and started following events. As my work kept going and going I did hit a point where I felt taken advantage of which then mentally became exhausting. The point of it is if it's meant to be it will be possible. Basically don't be afraid to get your name out there if you believe in what you do so will others as the results will be there. I then started receiving messages after messages; I ended up traveling from many many towns in Nevada, even traveled to California. I did have requests in Arizona as well but being a mom and wife traveling wasn't in the books yet. This is just the short version of how wonderful this program can be, Because here January 2018 I ended a year with so many rewards as to when someone is looking for a Equine Therapist my name is first on the list with many TOP Therapist. I never thought this would be possible, or that dreams do come true. Geary's program teaches you the massage comes from the heart. The best massage you can give is not under a time limit for it to work never put a limit on what you love as your hands, your body is the tool while understanding the horse and learning to find where the root of the problem is then FIXING it!! I have been able to help horses that were untouchable, not stable for farriers, needed extreme bodywork from soreness, behavioral, even vet recoveries. As recently being pregnant with twins I figured my adventure is ending so soon, but I must say it's only the beginning I have clients lined up for my last month and clients ready for me next summer still promoting my work. Geary's program was the best decision I could of made Shiatsu Massage is beyond rewarding it just speaks for itself performed from the heart!!


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