Horse Massage – Specific Areas

In this series, Geary Whiting illustrates how to massage individual parts of the horse: neck, back, shoulders, intercostals, and hind end.


By examining each area individually, viewers will learn what techniques should be applied and how best to approach them when considering massaging your horse. In addition, horse owners will learn the best approach to address the muscle stress presented by different horse disciplines, as well as some of the common symptoms of muscular displeasure in equines. Whiting provides special tips on techniques and advice on hand movement and overall approach along the way.


Please take the time to review each of the five areas of the horse to see which of the techniques should be employed and gain a general knowledge on each of the areas. Learn about how to diagnose certain problems and address them using horse massage, plus much more. While intended as a basis for information on specific areas, this series can be followed-up by viewing Whiting’s instructional DVD, attending a class or setting up an onsite certification training.

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How To Massage A Horse
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