How to End the Massage Treatment

Using the six techniques Whiting has outlined on various parts of the horse’s body, it’s now time to end the massage treatment.


Zone 1: The facial area of the horse. Get intimate with the animal by working on the face of the horse.


Lovingly use cross-fiber massage techniques on the face of the horse — rotation around the eyes, inside the nose, inside the mouth and gums, in between the ears, inside the halter underneath … etc.


This intimate time is perhaps unlike any other part of the horse.

“It’s at that time you get intimate with the animal,” Whiting says. “The animal has loved the massage treatment; it feels wonderful. It’s your best friend.”


It’s best to get intimate with the horse following a wonderful massage treatment. Whiting recommends spending about five minutes there, “just loving that animal, looking into its eye — and it will look at you.” Much like a human, he professes, “they just love it.”


“It’s just like having a great massage on the table.” Walk away from the horse and relish in your newly re-energized horse and look forward to increase horse performance!

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How To Massage A Horse
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