5-Day On-Site

Horse Massage Program

in Paso Robles, California


2018 Class Dates 
April 16-20

May 7-11
June 11-15
July 9-13

August 13-17

August 27-31

October 15-19

October 29-November 2

November 26-30

December 10-14

Horse Massage Courses

It is my pleasure to present what I feel is the most advanced, as well as THE ONLY five-day equine massage school for HORSE and RIDER/STUDENT anywhere in the world (to the best of my knowledge), teaching the most effective performance-related subjects which apply to HORSE and HUMAN performance.  There are other 5- day programs, but our program  is unique because we cover more than just massage, stretching and marketing.  Because of my personal success in the sports world since 1985, along with my unique experiences in fitness since 1963, I guarantee there is no school teaching what I do, the way I do.


Although there is a great deal of knowledge in fitness today (some of you may be well educated in the subject), I will guarantee you will learn some very different and more effective approaches to achieving your ultimate goals related to health.


I have often said there are three kinds of people in this life: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened! I am confident that you will be happy that you chose Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider, located in the beautiful Big Sur area — A school where you will learn how to make things happen.


My Equine Massage Therapy School is an approved provider for continuing education (CE) by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. 

Course Outline






This is valuable information! In this chapter, we cover 134 health problems horses face. We address what causes them, how to address them, and how to prevent them. We also cover human nutrition from Vitamin A to Vitamin U as well as natural minerals, what they do and what foods they can be found in.



These techniques are illustrated as well as covered in my video.



No foot, no horse! This chapter has diagrams, articles and a better alternative to medal shoes. Based on the interest I receive from my students on this subject, I feel you will get a lot out of this section of the program. Please go to swedishhoofschool.com for interesting videos showing impact and how it impacts the Coffin Bone.



You will become acquainted with fitness and training techniques, common problem areas of stress and injury from training and performance. You will also find an excellent article on tailoring your horses from a study done at Davis University in California.



Over the years, I have started to put less emphasis on memorization of the anatomy and more on the treatment itself. Still, it is good to have a working knowledge of horse anatomy. So...it is time to color your own horse and have a little fun and relaxation as well as understanding the function of the muscles.



This is a very informative and interesting study into how music affects strength, attitude, and performance. You will learn about what we call “The Anapestic Beat.” This a contrary beat to that of the heart. With proper understanding, both you and your horses will greatly benefit.



I have selected some of my more informative articles which will show the benefits of what you are learning through this program. You will also find more of my articles on gearywhiting.com which will also benefit you.


8 - HUMAN MASSAGE (Shiatsu)

In this chapter, you will learn my style and techniques for humans. You have a video, diagrams, and explanation of how and where to treat. You will learn what meridians are as well as how to get rid of a headache. Yes, a video is included with this section.



There are many programs available if we only would do them, but I have given you a favorite one of mine. You will also have a video showing how the techniques are done and a program.

Over the years many who have wanted to attend my program simply could not make the journey for various reasons and asked me if I would ever create a In-Home program for them. In doing such a program I thought to myself, how can I honestly create something with credibility. Certainly the traditional approach was not going to work because answering some written questions was only memorization but did not assure the student really knew what they were doing!


There are two different programs:

1- For those who simply want to learn how to work on their own horses or friends horses I have created the Non Certification $600.00 program with the same information I teach in my school.


2- The $1200.00 Certification program is quite extensive! You will need to show me you really get it before I put my name to a certification of any value. 


As I thought about my school I soon realized I needed to see the student in action and I would also need to see my In-home student in action. So I decided I would make movie stars out of them, yes camera work was the order of the day, and so here is my certification program requirements.


You must present the following:
1- Eight min video presentation on the techniques, where to do them and how to do them.

2- You must do a massage on the horse on one side. I will be looking for the following:

  • Reaction of the horse.
  • Fluidity of techniques.
  • Timing where you will have 35 min to complete the massage.
  • All video work will need a person on the camera where they can follow you, non moving camera is not allowed.

3- Everything on the videos in the program, Massage, stretching, and Saddle fit, and human massage must be demonstrated. I realize the human massage is not necessarily about horses, however it will show me you can do a good job on the horses. Your family members and friends will appreciate this section.


I will need each chapter in your book which is not included in the videos to be explained. 

The nutrition chapter is perfect for going into depth as there is a lot of material for horse and human, a three min talk will not do, I want to know you actually have given some thought to this material and because of its importance you should get a lot from the material. The only reading on your video might  be a Quote from me. I want to see you actually get it and that you are sincere and excited about what you are learning. If you do this them I will be pleased to put my name on a certificate, you will have felt you earned it, and you can feel good that I am not a PAPER MILL!


Feel free to contact me with any questions, I am here to make you and your horses happy. 

Happy Trails padnas
Geary Whiting

A Different Approach to Learning

As you will soon see, I cover a lot of subjects in a five-day school. When putting these subjects into my program, I had to ask myself, “Can I teach these adequately?” Do I really need to have all of these subjects?” After all, no other school that I know of covers so much in five days. The answer was YES! So how can I do so much in such a short amount of time, you may ask? In explaining, I would like to give you a little history on myself.


As a child growing up, I faced some learning problems which were not known at the time. I had serious problems in school. I just could not pass a test, nor was I getting what the teacher was trying to teach. This was because of two learning disabilities that are common today: attention deficit disorder and dyslexia (A.D.D. is really no more than a busy mind that most teachers have trouble working with because their subject matter isn’t very interesting). Neither of these conditions were known back in the 50s and 60s. When I was in my 30s, I came to realize I had these problems and also knew I had to work with them. The way I came to learn how to deal with them is a very interesting story in and of itself.


Growing up in the town of Cayucos, California (population 1,950), I was fortunate to have a mother and grandmother who worked in the family grocery store. My grandmother had a fail-safe method of knowing if a watermelon was ripe. She would plug the melon. For those who do not know what plugging a melon is, I shall tell you.


She had a tool about four inches long which had a half moon shape with serrated edges allowing it to cut into the melon. She would rotate it 360 degrees, then pull it out. With it came the core of the melon. From that point it was quite easy to determine if it was ripe. The taste test was always used as well as the nose. If it wasn’t ripe, grandmother would simply put the plug back in and wait for a day or two.


As a little child, I was quite curious and would take a close look at the melon to see if I could find where the plug was — usually with no success. I would have to look ever so closely, as the outline of the circle was faint.


It was to be that example that would help me in my education. It made it possible for me to overcome my learning problems which was concerning to me because of my embarrassment from not being able to fit in with the rest of the kids. Perhaps this explains why I had been in 50 fights by age 20. Fortunately, helping people through the use of massage gave me purpose and the fighting disappeared.


Through grandmother’s example of getting to the heart of the core, I learned to do the same thing with education. I started asking, “what is the point of this conversation, what is the point of what I am learning, and what is the point of what is coming out of my mouth?” What is the value of it all? This is where I learned to look for the bottom line to everything.


This was the method I had to develop, as I could not afford to waste time. So I would ask, “what is the point here? Let’s quit wasting time and get on with it!” Eventually, I would have to learn the art of being patient with others. I have never liked small talk much, as I saw it as a waste of time for the most part. Getting to the point became a way of life for me, in part, out of necessity, and in part because the concept was always on my mind.

To this day, I am able to see the core of the issue, and get to the point quicker than most, because of all the work I did in learning this technique. Because of all I had to go through in my life, I am able to teach all of these subjects that you see in front of you, and do it quite successfully. I get to the core of each subject and leave the not so important stuff alone.


Like grandmother and her melons, I get to the heart of each subject, and present my students with as near perfect education as I can, in order for them to achieve the highest success in their new business. For those not wanting to make a business in equine massage, they will go home knowing they now have the tools to take care of our special friends, be it horse, dog, or cat. You can even help your human friends feel better with your new touch.

New Programs


Something new has been added to the 2016 program you will truly appreciate. Many of my students have been using the horse massage techniques to help their loved ones with their headaches, neck and back problems and have contacted me, thanking me for their ability to now do something for their family members problems.


So, I have added the basics of what I do with people into the program, and since you will already know how to do a horse you will pick it up easy since there is no difference between horse and human. With this new skill, my students are equipped to do a much better job for those closest to them as well as have a new tool for horse shows. Even though they will not be able to charge for this as they will not be certified in human massage, it will open doors for getting to the horses as they need to go through the trainers and owners and of course, trainers and owners have stress and headaches.


Once they are made to feel better they are often very happy and accommodating to let you get your hands on their horses. This is how I got to the horses in 1995 when no one had heard of equine massage; it worked great then and still does. Again, things I teach for the real world are what has set my program well ahead of the trend. I hope to see you in school.


Equine Massage School Off-Site Programs and Clinics Dr. Geary's Equine Massage Therapy School session in Ogden, Utah

On-site Horse Massage Certification Training: We come to you!

On-site consultation and certification training is available upon request. Be the host of your own Equine Shiatsu Massage Practitioner Certification workshop! We travel all over the world putting on workshops for individuals interested in Equine Massage Training Certification. Call Geary today for more information. Please note: Guardian releases required for students under age 18.

Why This Horse Massage School?

This may be the most important Horse Massage Program you ever attend!!!


Why would I make such a statement? This is not simply an equine therapy or equine massage program… it is a complete experience which will show you who and what you are, revealing your strengths and shortcomings, preparing you to be successful with the horses. This is important since 85% of those in massage “DON’T MAKE IT,” in the real world of equine massage, or human massage, according to the massage teachers I have talked with over the years.


In the mid 90’s when I started my school, I thought I was going to be teaching the typical equine massage therapy school, with the usual limited subjects of anatomy, marketing, and massage. I was wrong; it would eventually become the most advanced and needed program for horse AND human. I had no idea that an equine massage program could produce such passion in a person, a simple thing such as horse massage was showing me the lost child in my students had finally made its way home. What it was to do for me was more than I would have imagined back in 1997.


I came to see early on, IT WASN’T ABOUT THE HORSE! I was getting students who were looking for answers in life, and they had turned to the horse with hopes they would find what was missing inside of themselves.


Marriage problems, lacking direction, going after childhood dreams, or simply just trying to find themselves was my typical student. My program provided answers they felt they desperately needed, and when they went through my website it was easy to see they would be doing more than learning how to do a great horse massage. You can see this in the letters of endorsement on my site. Of course, there were those students who knew where they were in life and simply saw my school as a way of achieving their goal in a fun way. I had adopted the fun way to education, because I love to have fun. Not the typical sterile approach of memorizing subject matter, which simply was not real world, only textbook theory.

In looking at my accomplishments, students would want to attend my school just to see, how one person could have accomplished so much in their lifetime. Sadly, there are some who simply are not up to the task of going through what it takes to achieve the many experiences life offers us, yet, with the proper education could.


Over the years I have produced many fine students who have found the keys to loving life, fixing their marriages, or simply succeeding at whatever it was they were trying to do. In a word, the school gave them back their E-MOTION or passion for living and doing. All this and learning to do a really great job massaging horses.


If you are a person who only wishes to learn how to massage a horse, please look at another school, but if you wish to have your heart massaged along with the horses you will be working on while here, then please, come to my program.


Pricing Information

The all inclusive cost is $2295.00 includes the following.


  • Massage, stretching, and saddle fitting.
  • Health and fitness for horses and human.
  • Health problems, what causes them, how to address them, and how to prevent them/ horse and human.
  • Workout program for horses and rider.
  • How music affects horses and people.
  • Natural foot of the horse verses the shod foot.
  • Marketing and human relations.
  • Massage techniques for human.
  • Certification/insurance at a reasonable price
  • Smoke free environment. 
  • Meals/ natural/organic.
  • Lodging and outings/ camping if desired.



Class size is limited! A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot for the Equine Massage School. (Unless otherwise arranged by Geary).


Horse Massage Certification School
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Horse Massage Certification School with Geary Whiting.

Horse Massage Certification School

2017/2018 – Horse Massage Certification School Class Dates


2018 Class Dates 
Jan 8-12
Feb 19-23
March 12-16

April 16-20
May 7-11
June 11-15
July 9-13

August 13-17

August 27-31

October 15-19

October 29-November 2

November 26-30

December 10-14