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Course Itinerary

The program is sent out well in advance, and it is very important that you go through all the material before class begins. To effectively teach this material and subject matter in class, I expect all students to come to class prepared. I have created the ultimate program for TEAM horse and rider, and school will keep you busy. While in school I will be answering your questions and fine tuning your program.


Monday- Book day in the main cabin.

Tuesday and Wednesday – Hands on horses with picnic lunch at the ocean.

Thursday- Breakfast outing and human massage techniques in the Redwoods.

Friday- Question and answer/marketing

Course Outline


This is valuable information! In this chapter, we cover 134 health problems horses face. We address what causes them, how to address them, and how to prevent them. We also cover human nutrition from Vitamin A to Vitamin U as well as natural minerals, what they do, and what foods provide them.

These techniques are illustrated as well as covered in my video.


No foot, no horse! This chapter has diagrams, articles, and a better alternative to metal shoes. Based on the interest I receive from my students on this subject, I feel you will get a lot out of this section of the program. Please go to swedishhoofschool.com for interesting videos showing impact and how it affects the Coffin Bone.



You will become acquainted with fitness and training techniques, common problem areas of stress, and injury from training and performance. You will also find an excellent article on trailering your horses from a study done at the University of California, Davis.


Over the years I have started to put less emphasis on memorization of the anatomy and more on the treatment itself. Still, it is good to have a working knowledge of horse anatomy. So...it is time to color your own horse and have a little fun and relaxation as well as understanding the function of the muscles.


This is a very informative and interesting study into how music affects strength, attitude, and performance. You will learn about what we call “The Anapestic Beat.” This a beat contrary to that of the heart. With proper understanding both you and your horses will greatly benefit.


I have selected some of my more informative articles that will show the benefits of what you are learning through this program. You will also find more of my articles here.


8 - HUMAN MASSAGE (Shiatsu)

In this chapter, you will learn my style and techniques for humans. You have a video, diagrams, and explanation of how and where to treat. You will learn what meridians are as well as how to get rid of a headache. Yes, a video is included in this section. You may be asking, "Why would I want to be studying human massage?" Even though you will not become certified in human massage, nonetheless, you will have a great gift to help others, your family and friends. Breaking into the Equine massage field will have its challenges, and if you can help the owners and trainers by getting rid of their nagging issues, you will have an open door to the horses.



There are many fitness programs available, if we only would do them. I know there are many ways of getting fit, but I have given you a favorite one of mine because it gets quick and effective results without injuries. However, it does not mean it is easy! You will also have a program and a video showing how to use the techniques.


That is the program, and it is worth 60 CE’s for those who need to update their required education for human massage.

In this video Geary Whiting, owner and instructor of his unique equine therapy courses, shows six methods of how to massage a horse.

Click here to learn more about massage techniques.

On-Site Horse Massage School


Rustic and beautiful, the spectacular view from Big Sur, California at 3,200 feet looks over the tops of the trees down to the Pacific Ocean. Breakfast and lunches are simple; evening meals are gourmet/organic; lodging is charming, simple, relaxing, and enjoyable. Showers and restrooms are in the main cabin and lower area of the property. The main cabin, a remodeled gold miner/prospector's cabin built by Geary's grandfather the early 1950s, lends itself to cozy, comfortable sleeping. Warm summer evenings are best enjoyed out under the stars. Outdoors on his remote private property is where the teacher sleeps during school. Geary loves the sounds of nature at night, and you will as well. Geary encourages all students to try world-famous Big Sur camping. A lot of work has gone into this set-up to make it a wonderful experience you will never forget at the equine massage program. Oh yes, lots of walking trails and places to get away for those who love doing so.


Arrival And Departure Information


Geary will pick up those arriving in San Luis Obispo between 11am-4pm on Sunday. Those coming from LAX will meet Geary in San Luis

Obispo at pick-up time. Because of the price savings some may wish to rent a car and drive from one of the major airports such as Sacramento, San
Francisco, or Los Angeles. Those driving from the north are in for a treat while driving the Big Sur Coast, which is truly an unforgettable experience.
Those driving will meet in Gorda Springs at the Whale Watcher Cafe. School is over by noon Friday to provide enough time for those leaving for home to catch their flights. This may be a good opportunity to extend school into a vacation. If you have questions, contact Geary at 530-410-5270.



This video is an over view of the exquisite dining experience at Geary Whiting Equine Massage Schools for Horse and Rider in Big Sur, CA.

You will have the option of a $3,000,000.00 Liability Insurance for your business at a discounted price to you of $75.00 for the first year.

The $2,495 includes all of the following:


Massage, stretching, and saddle fitting

Health and fitness for horses and human

Health problems, what causes them, how to address them, and how to prevent them/horse and human

Workout program for horses and rider

How music affects horses and people

Natural foot versus the shod foot of the horse

Marketing and human relations

Massage techniques for the human

Certification/insurance at a reasonable price

Smoke-free environment

Meals/ natural/organic

Lodging and outings/ camping, if desired

Students sleep in rustic cabins without electricity.



All materials for school will be sent out upon sign-up.

This is what you will receive once your deposit has been completed.

Usually you should receive your program within four days.

1- My nine-chapter, 240-page study book. You have a choice of double-sided spiral binding or single-sided binder with blank back pages for note taking.

2- VIDEO ONE:  Massage techniques, stretching, and saddle fitting.  This video is also available for separate purchase of $79.95 here.

3- VIDEO TWO: Overview of the program, workout and conditioning program, and Shiatsu massage techniques for people, which will show how to perform chapter nine in your book. Since the techniques are the same for both horse and human, you will easily pick up the human side of the program. Keep in mind that I cannot certify you in the human part of the program, but your friends and trainers will appreciate you being able to help them with their problems by making their lives much better.


Students working on each other

Massage from Geary's deck

Beautiful Big Sur, CA coastline

Cozy cabin for two

Loft bed cabin

Cowboy cabin


Sleeping platform

Main cabin

In-Home Equine Massage Program

Over the years many who have wanted to attend my Equine Massage Therapy program simply could not make the journey for various reasons and asked me if I would ever create an In-Home horse massage program for them. In doing such a program I thought to myself, "How can I honestly create something with credibility?" Certainly, the traditional approach in Equine Massage Schools was not going to work because answering some written questions was only memorization but did not assure that the students really understood what they were doing!

Two In-Home Programs:

1 - $600.00 NON-Certification Program. For those who simply want to learn how to work on their own horses or friends' horses, I have created the Non-Certification $600.00 program with the same information I teach in my school complete with videos and consultations.

2 - The $1,200.00 Certification Program is quite extensive! You will need to show me you really understand and can apply the training before I put my name to a certification of any value. I will work with you by phone and online to help you achieve the program certification.

As I thought about my school, I soon realized that, like I need to see the student in action, I would also need to see my In-Home student in action. So, I decided I would make movie stars out of them. Yes, you will show your school accomplishments with camera work.


You must present the following for my certificate program requirements.

   A - 12-minute video presentation on the techniques: where to do them and how to do them.

   B - You must do a massage on the horse on one side. I will look for the following:
          a. Reaction of the horse. 
          b. Fluidity of techniques. 
          c. Timing: you will have 35 minutes to complete the massage. 
          d. All video work will need a person on the camera who can follow you. No stationary camera allowed.
   C - Demonstrate everything on the videos in the program except human massage:  massage, stretching, and saddle fit.

I will need the student to explain each chapter in the book that is not included in their videos. 

The student can go into a lot of depth in the nutrition chapter since it has so much material for horse and human. A three-minute talk will not do. I want to know that you actually have given some thought to this material, and because of its importance, you should get a lot from the material. Only read on your video if you quote me. I want to see both your understanding and your sincerity and excitement about what you have learned. If you do this, then with pleasure I will affix my name on your certificate; you will feel you earned it; and you will feel good that your certificate does not come from a PAPER MILL!

Always feel free to contact me with any questions. I strive to make you and your horses happy. 

Off-Site Horse Massage Programs

I truly enjoy these off-site programs.




You will be the host and put together the group and the location. As the host, your program is at no cost. Minimum four paid students –$1,800.00 per student, includes instruction and materials. Maximum class size 10, including host.


For those interested, contact Geary for details.


This is a very nice program for many reasons.

1- No airfare or travel expenses to attend the onsite program.

2- You do not have to leave your family.

3- Geary gets a paid vacation...now we're talking!!!


A Different Approach to Learning


I cover a lot of subjects in a five-day school. When putting these subjects into my program, I had to ask myself, “Can I teach these adequately? Do I really need to have all of these subjects?” After all, no other school that I know of covers so much in five days. The answer was YES! "How can Geary do so much in such a short amount of time?" you may ask. In explaining, I would like to give you a little history on myself.


As a child growing up I faced some learning problems that were unknown at the time. I had serious problems in school. I just could not pass a test, nor was I getting what the teacher was trying to teach. This was because of two learning disabilities that are understood today: attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. (A.D.D. is really no more than a busy mind that most teachers have trouble working with because their subject matter is not very interesting.) Neither of these conditions were known back in the 1950s and 1960s. When I was in my 30s, I came to realize I had these problems, and also knew I had to work with them. The way I came to learn how to deal with them is a very interesting story in and of itself.


Growing up in the town of Cayucos, California (population 1,950) I was blessed to have a mother and a grandmother who both worked in the family grocery store. My grandmother had a fail-safe method of knowing if a watermelon was ripe. She would plug the melon. For those who do not know what plugging a melon is, I shall tell you.


She had a tool about four inches long that had a half-moon shape with serrated edges allowing it to cut into the melon. She would rotate it 360 degrees, then pull it out. With it came the core of the melon. From that point it was quite easy to determine if the melon was ripe. She always used the taste test as well as the nose. If it was not ripe, grandmother would simply put the plug back in and wait for a day or two.


As a little child, I was quite curious and would take a close look at the melon to see if I could find the plug — usually with no success. I would have to look ever so closely, as the outline of the circle was faint.


That example would help me in my education. It made it possible for me to overcome my learning problems, which concerned me because of my embarrassment about not being able to fit in with the rest of the kids. Perhaps this explains why I had been in 50 fights by age 20. Fortunately, helping people through the use of massage gave me purpose, and the fighting disappeared.


Through grandmother’s example of getting to the heart of the core, I learned to do the same thing with education. I started asking, “What is the point of this conversation; what is the point of what I am learning; and what is the point of what is coming out of my mouth? What is the value of it all?" This is where I learned to look for the bottom line to everything.


This was the method I had to develop as I could not afford to waste time. So, I would ask, “What is the point here? Let’s quit wasting time and get on with it!” Eventually, I would have to learn the art of being patient with others. I have never liked small talk much as I saw it as a waste of time for the most part. Getting to the point became a way of life for me, in part, out of necessity, and, in part, because the concept was always on my mind.


To this day I am able to see the core of the issue and get to the point quicker than most because of all the work I did in learning this technique. Because of everything I had to go through in my life, I am able to teach all of these subjects that you see in front of you and do it quite successfully. I get to the core of each subject and leave the not-so-important stuff alone.


Like grandmother and her melons, I get to the heart of each subject and present my students with as near-perfect education as I can in order for them to achieve the highest success in their new businesses. Those not wanting to make a business in equine massage will go home knowing that they now have the tools to take care of a special friend, whether horse, dog, or cat. You can even help your human friends feel better with your new touch.


Many of my students have been using the horse massage techniques to help their loved ones with their headaches, neck, and back problems and have contacted me thanking me for their ability to now do something for their family members' problems. I have added the basics of what I do with people into the program, and since you will already know how to massage a horse, you will pick it up easily because the horse and human have the same muscle structure. With this new skill my students are equipped to do a much better job for those closest to them as well as have a new tool for horse shows. Even though they will not be certified in human massage and cannot charge for it, this will open doors for getting to the horses as they need to go through the trainers and owners, and, of course, trainers and owners have stress and headaches.


Once the trainers and owners feel better, they are often very happy and accommodating to let you get your hands on their horses. This is how I got to the horses in 1995 when no one had heard of equine massage; it worked great then and still does. Again, things I teach for the real world are what have set my program well ahead of the trend. I look forward to seeing you in school.


This may be the most important Horse Massage Program you ever attend!!!
Why would I make such a statement? This is not simply an equine therapy or equine massage program… it is a complete experience which will show you who and what you are, revealing your strengths and shortcomings, preparing you to be successful with the horses. This is important since 85% of those in massage “DON’T MAKE IT,” in the real world of equine massage, or human massage, according to the massage teachers I have talked with over the years.


In the mid 90’s when I started my school, I thought I was going to be teaching the typical equine massage therapy school, with the usual limited subjects of anatomy, marketing, and massage. I was wrong; it would eventually become the most advanced and needed program for horse AND human. I had no idea that an equine massage program could produce such passion in a person, a simple thing such as horse massage was showing me the lost child in my students had finally made its way home. What it was to do for me was more than I would have imagined back in 1997.


I came to see early on, IT WASN’T ABOUT THE HORSE! I was getting students who were looking for answers in life, and they had turned to the horse with hopes they would find what was missing inside of themselves.


Marriage problems, lacking direction, going after childhood dreams, or simply just trying to find themselves was my typical student. My program
provided answers they felt they desperately needed, and when they went through my website, it was easy to see that they would be doing more than
learning how to do a great horse massage. You can see this in the testimonials on my site. Of course, there were those students who knew
where they were in life and simply saw my school as a way of achieving their goal in a fun way. I had adopted the fun way to education because I
love to have fun, not the typical sterile approach of memorizing subject matter, which simply was not real world but only textbook theory.


In looking at my accomplishments students would want to attend my school just to see how one person could have accomplished so much in his lifetime. Sadly, there are some who simply are not up to the task of going through what it takes to achieve the many experiences life offers us, yet, with the proper education they could.


Over the years I have produced many fine students who have found the keys to loving life, fixing their marriages, or simply succeeding at whatever it was they were trying to do. In a word, the school gave them back their E-MOTION or passion for living and doing. All this and learning to do a really great job massaging horses.


If you are a person who only wishes to learn how to massage a horse, please look at another school, but if you wish to have your heart massaged along with the horses you will be working on while here, then please, come to my program.


What Exactly Is The National Certification Board Of Therapeutic Massage And Bodywork NCBTMB?


This organization approves those teachers who have successfully demonstrated through their accomplishments that they are qualified to provide further education in the massage field. This program is accredited for 60 Continuing Education Credits. This means you will be receiving a well-rounded and unique education based on my associations with world class trainers, doctors, and athletes, as well as his original research and accomplishments in the health and fitness world.

As you peruse my accomplishments you will be relieved knowing that this kid has been around the block quite a few times. Let me put it to you this way, this ole dog has some great education miles on him, and I look forward to sharing my years of experience with you.


There are three kinds of people in this life: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened!

I am confident that you will be happy that you chose

Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider--

A school where you will learn how to take the lead and make things happen.


Happy Trails Padnas,  Geary

If you are not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.