Equine Massage Therapy Course


Hello everyone! It is a honor to be writing this letter sharing the endless possibilities when massaging a horse. I am a recent graduate summer 2017 of Geary's home study program and let me tell you the results are AMAZING!! When I received the news I passed the course it was a weight lifted off my shoulders but then a brick added as questions rolled in. Can I really perform after completion? How will I get people to believe in my work as much as I do? Will they try me being so new into the field? They just kept coming. Roughly July I shared my news and started making a Business page I announced it to friends, I involved my friends. The best thing I could of done was promoting as basically Charity Stephanie having a wonderful follow with me to video every move, every detail I made. AND best part... IT WORKED!! I ended up sponsoring a family friend whom is a top barrel racer and started following events. As my work kept going and going I did hit a point where I felt taken advantage of which then mentally became exhausting. The point of it is if it's meant to be it will be possible. Basically don't be afraid to get your name out there if you believe in what you do so will others as the results will be there. I then started receiving messages after messages; I ended up traveling from many many towns in Nevada, even traveled to California. I did have requests in Arizona as well but being a mom and wife traveling wasn't in the books yet. This is just the short version of how wonderful this program can be, Because here January 2018 I ended a year with so many rewards as to when someone is looking for a Equine Therapist my name is first on the list with many TOP Therapist. I never thought this would be possible, or that dreams do come true. Geary's program teaches you the massage comes from the heart. The best massage you can give is not under a time limit for it to work never put a limit on what you love as your hands, your body is the tool while understanding the horse and learning to find where the root of the problem is then FIXING it!! I have been able to help horses that were untouchable, not stable for farriers, needed extreme bodywork from soreness, behavioral, even vet recoveries. As recently being pregnant with twins I figured my adventure is ending so soon, but I must say it's only the beginning I have clients lined up for my last month and clients ready for me next summer still promoting my work. Geary's program was the best decision I could of made Shiatsu Massage is beyond rewarding it just speaks for itself performed from the heart!!


Kniestedt Equine Massage
Travels from Fallon Nevada



I just have to write this note I hope you’ll share with your future students. As you know, I came to your school just so I could help my own horse when I became dissatisfied with the therapist who had been working on him. Little did I know what was to come!


What you teach at your school, your massage technique, is powerful stuff! I mentioned that I was going to your school to my chiropractor, who, unbeknown to me then, is an owner of some racehorses. He said he would love to try it out on his horses. So I want to share with you, that just 3 weeks home from school and I was at Hollywood Park race track massaging racehorses. I must say the trainer seemed captivated with the first horse’s demeanor during the massage. The second one I did, he said he couldn’t believe it was the same horse and that he’d never seen him that calm before.


And of course, the faces the horses made was a “tell tale” sign as well that they did indeed love every minute of it! While I was “working,” I also overheard the trainer tell the owner that he was very impressed at how thorough the massage was. Saying that over the years he had seen many people come in and do massages and that “they all seemed to be in a hurry, and the horses never relaxed like this!” He had not seen anybody take the time that I did and just marveled at how much the horses enjoyed it. The horses trained the next day and it went so well (his words: “he was just gliding down the track!”) they had me at Del Mar the next Saturday massaging for Sundays’ big stakes race. (I’m not giving the names of the horses or trainer as to not reveal their secret weapon – ME!!! Thanks to you!) And they did very well too!


What a thrill it has been for me, to have the opportunity to work on these amazing horses, to have played a part in their enhanced performance, and to get behind the scenes at the races. And, I am confident that if I was just another massage therapist doing “fluffy stuff,” they surely would not have asked me back.


And it just goes on! Sharing this story with a few friends has resulted in appointments for more massages and I’ve been asked to do a clinic at a local facility that has approximately 160 horses boarded there!


So to future students, what you have the opportunity to learn is an amazing and powerful tool that not only can enrich the lives of the horses you work on, but your own life as well.


And to you, fine teacher, I will always be grateful that God put that love in your heart for what you are doing, it shines through and through. I am so glad to chose your school.



Berta Delight Pinon, CESMT
B Delight’d Equine Massage




On Feb 7, 2009, they entered Charlie’s Moment in a $200,000 Stakes Race at Santa Anita, and had asked me to work on him the morning of the race. Security is very strict before a Stakes Race and you must be licensed by the Racing Board to get near the horse. So unfortunately, I was not allowed to touch him, as I had not received my license yet. In any case, Charlie finished last that day.


May 24, 2009 Charlie was entered in a $100,000 Stakes Race at Hollywood Park. One of the owners expressed concern because this was a 7 Furlong race against some pretty tough opponents, and Charlie simply had not made a showing in the shorter distances. I made them an offer, “let me massage Charlie a week before the race and again the day before the race and if he doesn’t finish in the money, I won’t charge you.” They agreed! Charlie took the lead before the first turn and never let another catch him! He won by two lengths!! It was very impressive to say the least! As a matter of fact so impressive, he was purchased right after the race by a Sheikh and shipped to Dubai! I later found out it was Godolphin Racing that purchased him. Their founder (Drum Roll Please!) is Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai H.H. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Incredible! I’m having the time of my life out here, and still very impressed by the power of this massage technique!


Most Sincerely,


Dear Geary,


This was the most amazing experience of my life! I am a horse trainer in California and have been working with horses most of my life. This program was the best thing I have ever done for myself and for all of the lovely horses I get to spend my time with. My passion for horses has grown but in a different way than I ever expected. I left the school with of course solid massaging skills, but I left with a bigger heart and healthier mind.

Anyone who has worked with horses can tell you how phenomenally sensitive these animals are. If you are stressed, negative and in a hurry, you will leave the horse feeling the same way. If you are a happy, healthy, positive person, the horse will feel more at ease and will have an easier time putting their trust in you. Geary has designed his school with this concept in mind. Learning how to perform Shiatsu was the easy part; the challenge was to get my heart and mind in the right place to make the treatments more effective.

Geary is by far one of the most exceptional people I have ever met in my life and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he teaches. He gives you all of the necessary tools to give an effective massage; but most importantly, the program in whole gives you more than just knowledge about massaging horses. It gives you the opportunity to grow as a human being and to learn the incredible potential we all have as people. This program allows you to develop qualities in yourself that will better your relationships with horses and everyone around you.

After being home for only a month, I have had my hands on over 20 different horses, and each time I am massaging it is the most amazing experience. Every time it is different.

  • One horse had cast herself in her stall and came out with her right leg the diameter of her knee from hoof to knee. Her right eye was swollen shut. Instead of calling the vet, I gave her a massage and when I was done, the swelling in her leg went down 90% and her eye was wide opened. She was able to compete just 5 days later and moved more soundly than she ever had!
  • Another horse, Nicky, is 22 years old and has been shown all over the country. He is a super star! He has “typical” arthritis in his hind legs that gets stocked up overnight or when not moving. I gave him two massages and he has not come out of his stall with ANY swelling since then!!
  • Monty, a 15 year old horse, used to grind his teeth anytime he was ridden. After three massages, no more grinding!!
  • My dog Gunther is getting older. He has been having issues with his hips. The night I got home from Geary’s school, he was so excited to see me that he was running around the house, and slipped and fell on the hardwood floor. He got up and was three-legged. I gave him a massage (before I even unpacked my suitcase out of the car) and when I was done, he ran around on four legs like a puppy. I haven’t seen him so active since he was a puppy!!

Since I have been home, my relationships with my family, friends and horses have improved in countless ways. I have opportunities knocking on my door daily. Most importantl of all, the horses love me and can’t get enough of me!!

The biggest change this school made in me was that, in just five days, I changed my entire outlook on equine care and nutrition. I realized that what I was doing with my training is not at all what I now know is right. I have obviously always LOVED horses. I never had any ill intentions; however, with knowledge comes responsibility. I knew on day two that I was going to be changing EVERYTHING I was doing with them. I no longer want to train or show horses within the western pleasure discipline. I no longer want to put shoes on my horses. I no longer want to settle with a 12 × 12 foot stall.

All 60 horses at the ranch now eat from slow feeder nets. I no longer give any antacids or pain medications to the horses. Thousands of dollars have been saved by not listening to the propaganda of the big corporations telling me what my horses need! Now I spend my time treating the horses' injuries that I had taken part in creating. Never will I ever harm a horse again; only healing hands here!!

Thank you Geary for all that you do!! Thank you for taking me down the path from Western Pleasure World Champion to happy HORSE HIPPY!!

The transformation was incredible! Thank you for being a great friend!


Sara Anderson

Hello to everyone who may be reading testimonials about “Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider.”

My name is Meladee Ann Tyrrell, I’m 56 years old, and I attended/graduated Geary’s “Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider,” class of November 2007.


I arrived at his school very pale, very weak and still quite sick, but in all sincere thanks and credit to Geary, I left school a week later mentally/physically healthier, much stronger, and a very proud graduate. So I’d like to share the story of how that all came about with you, to hopefully give you some insight into what sort of man you’ll be meeting and studying under, and the life long benefits/teachings of choosing his school.


I checked Geary out extensively online, personally, professionally and the Equine School itself. Needless to say I was quite amazed to find that his career and the endless, impressive accomplishments in his lifetime were truly amazing for just one man and quite lengthy to say the very least. His drive, energy, positive outlook on life, business sense and personal “goal setting” is highly contagious -- so fair warning! After my research, I soon wanted desperately to attend Geary’s “smoke free” school, so I quit smoking cold turkey the day I made my class deposit. I was a 2-pack a day Camels smoker for 40 years. My body, in turn, reacted violently to the nicotine withdrawals and stress, and I was soon diagnosed with a severe case of interior and exterior shingles. Rendering me helplessly bedridden for 6 very painful weeks and simply heartbroken thinking I would miss school.


It was during that time that I spoke with Geary for the first time on the telephone. It was as if I was talking to an old friend, not someone I had never met, as the man is pure “down home country” and very comfortable to sit and converse with. That “positive in-put” hour-long conversation was the beginning of a very wonderful life changing experience for me. And his name was Geary Whiting.


As to this day I have never forgotten his “above and beyond” kindness, comforting words of encouragement, hope and emotional support, nor promise to help me heal my body and my immune system, plus keep it healthy in the future. I struggled to get up and out of bed to get to him in California. And I am so glad I did it! 


He went well beyond the expectations of your “every day teacher” once I got there. Geary truly and deeply cares about people in general and, above all else, his students, their well being, and their success.

So true to his word, heal me the dear man did, as that’s one of his many endless talents -- mentally and physically healing people and horses. And he does it up right.


So when you read his words advertising “a school for horse AND rider,” know it’s quite true, and well worth every red cent you’ll spend for tuition. His school, I could go on and on about that as it’s still one of my favorite memories and subjects.


His stress free, kicked-back atmosphere, and the endless laughter filled his classes, guaranteed to make even the shyest of students comfortable.Geary's deep human compassion, kind heart and true caring for each and every student’s physical and mental well being, let alone their understanding/learning of Equine Massage and all it entails, made each technique easy to learn and fun. The personal one-on-one time with each student and the his patience in answering each and every question or concern made for a truly relaxing course. His extensive background of body building, resistant weight training and vitamin therapy, guaranteed to make the weak and sick (like myself) strong and healthy again, (which is important when you’re massaging a thousand pound horse!) was amazing. Geary is has an endless fountain of knowledge for Equine Massage/horses and business. His honesty, integrity, morals, beliefs and values in life, which are excellent and very admirable, and his willingness to always be available for you long after you graduate goes far beyond what any other school could possibly offer you. So I highly recommend that if you are thinking of a career in this field to choose his school!


Those of us that have graduated are truly blessed. You will not only leave class a knowledgeable, confident graduate, but also a true friend of his for life. Helping people and teaching people is his true calling in life and a God-given talent, which he does extremely well.


So, to all that may read this testimonial and to you my dear beloved teacher, know that I now proudly stand before you a much healthier and stronger woman, who is now massaging 3-4 horses a week at my stable as we’re in the height of “show season,” and a woman who’s now shopping for that perfect piece of land to start her very own Equine Training Center on.


But above all else, I’m a woman who is very proud to call Geary Whiting my very dear and good friend. I miss you so Geary and happy trails to one and all.


My love and friendship always,


Meladee Ann Tyrrell
Equine Shiatsu Healing/Helping Hands
Corvallis, Oregon