Are You Poisoning Your Horses?

Since 1981, I have studied the holistic approach to health for humans and equine. Through my years of practice, I have discovered that many horse owners have come to accept that the majority of the readily accepted wormers on the market are ok for their horses.


If you are using a mass-market equine wormer, you are poisoning your horses.  The ingredients in these wormers do more than kill and eliminate the parasites; they cause damage to the horse’s stomach and intestines as well as the urinary tract, kidneys, liver, pancreas, adrenal and thyroid glands, reproductive system, and bone marrow. When you poison the parasite; you poison the horse. This ought to be concerning to each and every one of us, excluding the drug companies, of course.


Administration of standard equine dewormers has been found to be the number one cause of colic. This is because the products cause damage to the villi on the walls of the intestines. The medication causes the walls to swell, creating abdominal discomfort to the horse and inhibiting the ability of the body to absorb nutrients, especially proteins.


What can happen when there is bone marrow suppression? Since the bone marrow makes all the blood cells, bone marrow suppression can lead to anemia and it reduces the body’s ability to fight disease and infection.


What can happen when the thyroid malfunctions? The thyroid is a complex and very important gland that helps to keep the body in balance. When the thyroid cannot work properly, some of the signs you may see for example are; hyperactivity, nervous disorders, behavior problems, sore feet, thin hoof walls, slow growing hooves, tendonitis, poor muscle tone as well as other problems.


What happens when there is damage to the liver and it cannot function properly? The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. The liver has over 500 jobs to do to keep the body’s systems running smoothly. Liver damage can affect protein synthesis, B vitamin production, and can in fact affect every cell in the body, including blood cell production and replacement. The symptoms of liver damage can range from a slight malfunction, to complete shutdown of one or more organs. Symptoms of liver damage may come on suddenly as in the case of colic, or can be very gradual and progressive (any time from a day to a year after ingestion). Since the liver is able to work at a diminished capacity, liver damage may go undiagnosed until the damage is very severe. Some medical experts believe that liver damage is a leading cause of death among horses.


That resistance is weakened when the horse is given poison. The side effects begin with the first dose and grow worse with each additional dose.


If you are concerned about the health of your horses, instead of poisoning your horse to poison parasites, you can administer a natural treatment. I highly recommend products developed by Frank Lampley. He has done over 14,000  feeding experiments on race horses and has developed a line for anything you can think of. I have used Lampley products exclusively for years and I am confident in their products because they simply make sense. Lampley products are not a general feeding program, but are designed for specific issues and most importantly, they help to support the horse’s body naturally so it can then heal and repair itself.


Lampley has a natural worming formula that dissolves the protective outer layer of the worms, which then allows the acids in the horse’s digestive system to dissolve them into nothing. That makes a whole lot of sense to me, rather than poisoning our horses in order to poison the parasites. It is far better than administering a poison and then discovering that your horse still has parasites, because the parasites are resistant to the drugs. The result being that even more toxic drugs are required to remove them!


The Lampley worming formula is very safe, and I unwittingly tested its safety on my own mare, Misty. Their product label suggests administrating the deworming product 2x a day for two days at normal worming intervals. I thought I was feeding her the Lampley A-Z formula, which I do on a daily basis. By mistake, I gave Misty the worming formula 2x a day for 14 days. Misty received 28 doses instead of the recommended 4 doses. So how did she do? Very nicely. If I had administered the standard equine dewormers available on the market at that dosage level, it would have most likely damaged her body systems beyond repair. When I discovered my mistake, I called Frank Lampley and he told me she would be fine even though I had far exceeded the recommended dose.


If you would like more information about Lampley Products, visit their web page at or call them at 800- 327- 0727 and purchase their products. I encourage you to do some research about the commercially available, mass-market dewormers to find out for yourself as well. I have a PhD in Holistic Studies and I include a lot of great information about how to keep you and your horses healthy in my curriculum at my Equine Massage Therapy School. As a part of this, we address 134 horse related issues caused my humans and how Lampley products work to help resolve them. If you are interested in learning more about my school and certification clinics, please visit my webpage at

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