How to Massage a Horse: Fox Trotter

Fox trotting and equine massage — what do the two have in common?

Geary Whiting of and Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School was pleased to shed light on that topic with an equine enthusiast for the Missouri Fox Trotter breed.


Whiting’s Utah guest talks about performance and versatility horses and what is demanded of them in the field. Like any great athlete fox trotters are prime candidates for horse massage. Whiting discusses his techniques used for providing freedom of movement in the atlas and shoulder area, expounding upon techniques introduced in his instructional DVD series available for purchase.


Geary’s explanation of the five techniques used in horse massage — rotation, sedation, cross fiber, percussion, and kneading — are perfect for fox trotters, especially considering stress in the atlas area. But no matter what kind of horse you have, your initial performance needs to be done through bodywork to bring the horse back into balance, to change their posture through energy movement.


Those interested in learning more can purchase Whiting’s DVD or attend his school.

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