Utah Horse Massage Certification Workshop

“You’re special, so special.”

The recent graduates from Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School surely feel that way about their horse! After learning basic horse massage techniques, these students from a Utah horse massage certification workshop were animated into action to bring their horse the attention it deserves: through horse massage.


For Whiting it is simple: “You gotta love those students.” After mentoring hundreds of students through his program in Big Sur, CA, Whiting was happy to take his equine massage school on the road, so to speak, all the way to Utah.


These students can attest that there is plenty to be excited about with Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School. For those like these gals in Utah who cannot attend one of his workshops, Whiting offers personalized coaching and onsite certification training for prospective students.


For more information on how to massage a horse email info@howtomassageahorse.com.

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