Equine Sports Massage Courses

​a letter from Geary


World Class Athletes receive massages to help enhance and improve performance. Massage helps prevent muscle injuries and improves recovery time with its therapeutic benefits. So, why not use it on horses? Like humans, horses greatly benefit from the same massage techniques. Equine massage therapy has been around since the middle ages, but many horse trainers and riders have not realized its potential. It goes without saying, we want the best for our horses, both physically and mentally. Shiatsu massage is beneficial in both of these areas. It helps to release tight muscles and relieve fatigue, stress, and soreness as well as help our athletes set world records. We can all—humans and horses—do without stress in our lives! Geary Whiting’s Equine Sports Massage Courses for Horse and Rider program you will learn the art of Shiatsu massage for both horses and riders, along with nutrition, saddle fitting, horse stretching techniques, and much more.

Owner and teacher Geary Whiting has an extensive background in the health and fitness business that goes back to the early sixties as a personal trainer to humans. In 1981, he incorporated sports massages and later Shiatsu massages into his personal training and nutrition programs.

In 1995, Geary Whiting adapted his human massage techniques to horses and was delighted to discover how well the horses responded. Since then, Geary has mentored and taught thousands of students in achieving an equine massage therapy certification, helping them bring health and happiness to their horses. Geary is delighted to teach you his very effective massage techniques which he has used on World Class Athletes since 1981. You will feel empowered after seeing how the massage has helped not only the horse but you as well. This course also focuses on the rider, trainer, and owner. It will help you explore human potential – your potential!


You can feel confident that you will not be choosing just any program, but a very unique “World Class Program.”


Happy trails padnas!

Read these Journal of Equine Veterinary Science articles about the science supporting equine massage.

"The most positive changes in the parameters under study were found in horses massaged every day, which shows that relaxing massages are
beneficial for horses' welfare and performance. Massages only about once every 3 weeks also gave some positive effects. "

"Comparison of Effects of Different Relaxing Massage Frequencies and Different Music Hours on Reducing Stress Level in Race Horses" June 2017, Volume 53, Pages 100-107.

"Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing dating back 4,000 years to Chinese medicine and commonly is applied to human athletes to
improve performance. Massage alleviates muscular soreness by rearranging muscle fibers, increasing microcirculation, improving blood flow and
enhancing metabolic waste removal. Increases in skin temperature associated with massage can be related to increased blood perfusion."

"Effect of Equine Sports Massage Therapy on Cutaneous Temperature" May-June 2011, Volume 31, Issues 5-6, Pages 322-323.

"Equine massage therapy already plays a valuable practical role in the care and training of many equine athletes."

"Evaluating the Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy: A Review of the Evidence and Current Practices" September2009, Volume 29, Issue 9, Pages 687-697.

"The results indicated that during massage, all sites except the forearm resulted in a significant reduction in HR [heart rate] with massage at the
withers, mis-neck, and croup haveing the greatest effect." 

"A preliminary study on the effect of massage to reduce stress in the horse" February 2004, Volume 24, Issue 2, Pages 76-81.