Geary Whitings Voice for the Horse - Episode 2

Tying Up:

Proper Way to do Cross-Fiber Technique:

Very Important Release Points:

Horse Massaging Student:

Students Having Fun:

Equine Stretching Techniques: 

Working With Fox Trotters:

How Music Effects Horses and Humans:

A Father's Prayer:

Equine Massaging:

Horse Massage Techniques Video : How to do an equine massage by Dr. Geary Whiting. Geary shares 40 minutes of how he works with a horse during a massage. He also talks about how to deal with problem muscle areas on a horse.

Student Presents... Teacher Critiques:

Teachers Touch the Future:

Students Having Fun with Geary:      

Yvonne Allen - A Voice for the Horse: 

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How To Massage A Horse
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