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Horse and Rider Team Concept

Welcome to Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School program. I have created a unique program for both Horse and Rider with the emphasis on the Team Concept. You will notice that much of my subject matter is quite different from most schools. I have selected subjects from my many years of experience that are very important for you and your horses. This is not your typical equine massage therapy certification course. I truly hope you find your time well spent while going through my website.


Happy Trails Padnas,

Geary Whiting


 Why Geary's Massage Training Is So Special:

Sandy Collier

2011 Cowgirl Hall of Fame Inductee


"As a result of Geary Whiting’s massage techniques for both Horse & Rider, I have seen an increase in my strength and mobility as a professional athlete and a competitor in this physically demanding sport. Injuries are a way of life when  working horses and cattle, however, Geary is the best in the business! If you are serious about your education in the world of performance horses, Geary would be an excellent choice. Speaking from experience, my body and my horses say thanks to Geary!” 

Stephanie Kniestedt

Kniestedt Equine Massage


I am a recent graduate summer 2017 of Geary's home study program and let me tell you the results are AMAZING!! ...Because here January 2018 I ended a year with so many rewards as to when someone is looking for an Equine Therapist my name is first on the list with many TOP Therapist ...I have been able to help horses that were untouchable, not stable for farriers, needed extreme bodywork from soreness, behavioral, even vet recoveries. ...Geary's program was the best decision I could of made. Shiatsu Massage is beyond rewarding. It just speaks for itself performed from the heart!!"


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Berta Pinon

B Delight'd Equine Massage

"What you teach at your school, your massage technique is powerful stuff! ...I want to share with you that just 3 weeks home from school and was at Hollywood Park racetrack massaging racehorses. ...I also overheard the trainer tell the owner that he was very impressed with how thorough the massage was. Saying that over the years he had seen many people come in and do massages and that 'they all seemed to be in a hurry, and the horses never relaxed like this!' He had not seen anybody take the time that I did and just marveled at how much the horses enjoyed it. So to future students, what you have the opportunity to learn is an amazing and powerful tool that not only can enrich the lives of the horses you work on but your own life as well. And to you, a fine teacher, I will always be grateful that God put that love in your heart for what you are doing, it shines through and through. I am so glad that I chose your school.

Berta Delight Pinon, CESMT

B Delight’d Equine Massage


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Sara Anderson

"This was the most amazing experience of my life! I am a horse trainer in California and have been working with horses most of my life. This program was the best thing I have ever done for myself and for all of the lovely horses I get to spend my time with. My passion for horses has grown but in a different way than I ever expected. I left the school with of course solid massaging skills, but I left with a bigger heart and a healthier mind....Geary is by far one of the most exceptional people I have ever met in my life and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he teaches. ...Since I have been home, my relationships with my family, friends, and horses have improved in countless ways. I have opportunities knocking on my door daily. Most important of all, the horses love me and can’t get enough of me!!"


Sara Anderson


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The Importance Of Connecting With Your Horse



This very important video will show you the difference between a good massage and a great massage. It is all about the connection between you and the horse. Teaching this intimacy is a distinctive and defining feature of my program.

My school is board approved for 60 units of continuing education credit by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.